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John 15:5 “…For without me you can do nothing.”

Like all chapters in the bible, John Chapter 15 is also very significant and important. It was our Lord speaking to his disciples before being crucified. He is strengthening them with strong promising words. Further if you read, you will come to know that not only his disciples, but whoever abides in him and walks with him will also have these promises in their life. Jesus is not talking to any multitude or Pharisees here, but he is speaking to his disciples. Who are his disciples? Disciples are the chosen ones, the sheep who has a shepherd, the true followers, and the one who surrendered and left everything for their master. But unfortunately many of us are not up to this standard which the Lord desires.
He does not want us to be like multitudes who just seek temporary benefits and like Pharisees who boast in his self righteousness.Unfortunetely both of these groups do not have any relation with Jesus. The people, who say proudly that they are Christians, let them judge themselves whether they belong to multitudes, Pharisees or Disciples.

We are too good to judge others but today let us ask ourselves as to where we belong.Multitude needs signs and miracles. They want something which will make their worldly life easy. Pharisees on other hand are little different. They are religious and much disciplined. They know the things better than a multitude, but they work on their own principles. They please men and their community and are self righteous. But a disciple is a true follower who wants to please his master. For that reason,he leaves everything which was important for him and follows the footsteps of his master. More than that, a disciple only knows the heart of his master. A disciple has a proper guidance and he knows where will be his next step. Psalms 23 says,” Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will not fear evil because you are with me.” Now who can say this bold statement? The one who makes Jesus as his Shepherd can say this. The next step of David is death, but he is saying that he will not fear evil. Why? Because he is not following his own steps but he is following the step that is walking ahead of him…that’s why he says,” I will not fear evil because you are with me.” A disciple knows his next step. Many around us fear and don’t know where to put their next step but I thank God that I am a disciple.

In the beginning, God created man to be fruitful and so he planted him in a fruitful Eden garden .But due to sin alone, the ground which was more fruitful then, was also cursed. He put man out of the garden. God never created thorns, but it came purely due to sin. Sin brought the death of inner man. So instead of love, kindness, goodness, longsuffering which is the fruit of spirit, it gave birth to thorns (works of flesh i.e. hatred, adultery etc.) which was never from God. Even though man was cursed due to his sin, God still wants us to be fruitful again. How we can be fruitful? Yes, by abiding in him. Adam and Eve were in the garden as long as they abided with God but once they were away from Him, they were cut down from the place where God planted them. Remember you have not grown by yourself but you are planted. You are planted by God. So if we are planted by God, He desires that we must be fruitful.

The subject for this week is about a branch which bears fruit. John 15 speaks about one wine and two different branches. One branch bears fruit. Another one does not bear fruit. One branch is pruned to bear more fruit. Another one is cut down forever. One branch is still with the wine but another one is cast down into the fire. Now this was very difficult for me before, but when I sat in the presence of God he filled me with His wisdom to understand the most important text.

Now my question to God was,” how can a single wine bear two different branches? (one is non-fruitful and another fruitful).” If one branch can bear fruit then why can’t the other branch be fruitful? So, it is not the problem of wine but it is the problem of branch….Every branch can bear fruits, but it depends upon how it will receive those things which is needed to bear fruits from the wine. The wine is powerful and it has all those things which can make the branch fruitful.

Now here the wine is our Lord Jesus and we are the branches.As we are like branches, we need to receive from the wine and bear fruits.Now how we should receive and what we should receive to be more fruitful?
These are good questions; let me try to answer these queries.
Now in verses 7 and 10, Jesus says,” if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you and if you keep my commandments you will abide in my love.”So every Christian who abides in Jesus must receive the word and keep his commandments. This is what verses 7 and 10 says. Now my question to the reader:
Are you the one who just abide in Jesus without receiving and keeping his words?
If you are abiding in him, you should not only receive the word but you should also keep his word. Many of us receive the word of God but we fail to keep the word of God.
To keep the word means to obey, to practice, a doer of the word and to walk according to the principles of God. Each and every Christian who abides in Jesus must receive the word and keep His commandments. How you should receive the word? Mathew 13:23 says, “But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces some a hundredfold, some sixty and some thirty.”As I mentioned earlier, one branch was unfruitful because it did not receive the things which was essential to bear fruits. Though this branch was attached to the wine it was unfruitful. Many proudly say that they are Christians (attached to wine) but almost unfruitful in all our ways. Why there is hatred and envy still in your mind? It is not the problem of any pastor or anyone you see around. Stop complaining about others. Be a good ground. Receive the word and keep the word so that you will bear the fruit of spirit. What are the fruits of spirit? It is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.(Galatians 5:22).If you do not bear this fruit of spirit in your life, you are like a branch with green leaves around but without fruits. God is not looking for a branch with some green leaves. You may have all glories of this world in your life but still unfruitful in all your ways.

A small prayer from your heart can change you today…this is your day…God bless


Exodus 2:10
So she called his name Moses, saying, “Because I drew him out of the water.”

Greetings to all readers in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

I thank God for the revelation that he gave, which was hidden for me in the past years. I was sitting in the presence of the lord to learn about the rod that Moses stretched towards the Red sea and about the burning bush. But the spirit of the lord took me to the Nile River in Egypt to show me the baby Moses, who was drawn out of the water, where the rule was to cast all babies into the river.

Now, according to Genesis Chapter 3, God has put enmity between the seed of woman and the seed of serpent. It was said that the seed of woman will bruise the head of the serpent. Now from that time onwards, the devil is behind the seed of woman to destroy the promise of the promised one. Devil will not work out his plans against the worldly man but he will work against you because you have a promise. He was after Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and even Jesus….But I thank my lord …the promise is fulfilled. And the seed of woman (Jesus) has bruised the head of the devil. Let me tell you something; if God has promised you something, no matter what the devil does, the promise on you will be fulfilled.

Now in Exodus, the King of Egypt declared to kill all male babies by casting them into the Nile River. As I said earlier, this rule was not declared by the king of Egypt for the first time. But it was declared earlier in the Eden Garden after the man’s fall. Now at this point of time, one child was born, who was beautiful. So his parents decided to hide him. But they could manage to do so only for three months. After that he was daubed into an ark by his parents, and laid it among the reeds by the river’s bank. In the place where many babies died during that time, Moses was safe in the ark….If you have a God’s promise on you, it doesn’t matter even if the rule or the king or any person is against you…The same river which swallowed many male babies, the promised one was floating in the ark, safe and secure.

The name Moses is a well known Egyptian name, ’Mosheh’, which means, “drawn out.” This name has a lot of meaning in it. Babies at that time were cast out into the river but the promised one was drawn out of it. If God has promised you something and if you cling on it and trust in the lord …no matter even if your situation is against the promise, God will draw you out of that situation and fulfill his promise made to you. Joseph was cast into the pit so that his promise would not be fulfilled, but God took him out of that pit and put him in the king’s palace. Three young men were cast into the fire but the Lord appeared in the fire and saved them. Daniel was cast into the lion’s den but those lions did not open their mouth when they saw the man of God. In those days, before casting anyone into the den, the lions were kept away from food for some days …so that when the person is cast into the den, the starving lions would tear away that person into pieces. But who had shut the mouth of the lions over here? I believe God was in the den before Daniel. God knows your situation well. Cling unto Jesus for the promise…If anywhere and if anyone is casted out and into anything there is always a work of God behind it, to draw him out of that.

Now the most interesting part is that the palace from where the rule was declared to kill the male child, in the same place the daughter of Pharaoh declared to nurse the child Moses. The mother of Moses never thought that she would get back her child but the lord had a clear plan about the child. You may be thinking that you will never get back the thing which you lost, but God has a plan for it….Be patient and see the work of the Lord. Moses was drawn out to redeem Israel from Egypt… His mother use to tell him about the sufferings of his brothers in Egypt… So from the childhood, it was seeded into the heart of Moses by his mother to redeem his brother out of Egypt. I thank lord for these kind of mothers who put the word of God into the heart of children from their childhood. Why doesn’t a child obey their parents? Because they were not nurtured by the word of God from childhood…Many parents try this when the child becomes a 25 years old man. This is totally wrong. Actually….you needs to do it when he or she is a child, not when grown up. God will draw you out from the situations, but it is our responsibility to nurture ourselves with the word of God.

We also were under the yoke of Satan once and he planned to kill not only our body but also our inner man. But 2000 years ago, there was one lamb that was lifted up from the earth, to draw you and me to him…. Now John 12:32 says “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself”….How Jesus was lifted to draw you and me unto him…?? He had no form or comeliness. And when we see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him…..What does this show? It shows our condition when we were sinners ….Why was he lifted in this form? So that he should draw us who were formless and had no beauty in our nature. He left his heavenly glory and came to this world to draw you unto him. Now he has given us a new song in our mouth and set our feet on a rock. Psalms 40:1 and 2 says,” I waited patiently for the lord .And he inclined to me .And heard my cry .He also brought me up out of a horrible pit” ….We were in the horrible pit of Devil but Jesus was lifted to draw you out from this horrible pit….Moses was drawn out from the water to redeem Israel. Joseph was drawn out so that he could help his brothers and father in the days of famine. Daniel was drawn out from the lion’s den to reveal the glory of God in Babel but we were drawn out from the horrible pit so that we should stand for the lord and sing his praises…

Let us live for the lord not for this world.


Mathew 15:24 for this my son was dead and is alive again.

Greetings to all readers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Man was created to have fellowship with god but the serpent(devil) was cunning and wanted to destroy this bond between god and man. God wanted a true fellowship with man so he visited to him every evening not to behold the beauties of the things he made but to have a fellowship with man who was made in his own image and likeness. The journey with god started from Eden garden but by seeing an opportunity Devil came to Eve when she was alone. The serpent came before god’s visiting time and saw the best opportunity to deceive Eve because she was alone. It means she was idle. An idle mind is devil’s workshop. Devil knew that she can be attacked easily when she is alone.
The greatest trick of Devil today is to give you the feeling that you are alone and that makes his job easy. Because of sin the bond between the relationships was marred. There was a great gulf between the fellowship of God and man but still many walked with god even though in that cursed situation…Enoch, Abraham, Noah, Isaac, Joseph and many more their journey on that cursed generation was with god that’s the reason why they were blessed among the cursed. God wants to speak to the reader through this blog. No matter you may be surrounded by the darkness and curses but if you take a decision to journey with god….he will bless you among all. Let our life’s journey be with Jesus, let us learn from him and seize all opportunities of our life.

Once, we planned to visit a castle in Germany but since we don’t the know the place we were in trouble but when we found one guide who knows about that place very well. Now we don’t have to bother where we should go and what we should do…because we have a guide. Like wise if we do not have god with us in our life’s Journey it will lead to a life full of troubles with no hopes.

The message for today is about the Son who was in a journey without his father.
We all know this incident it is about Prodigal son. Now Luke Chapter 15 is the chapter of repentance.
The chapter starts with about some Tax collectors and sinners drew near to Jesus to hear the word of god but the Pharisees and Scribes drew near to complain and find faults of Jesus. Two groups, they both drew near with two different ideas. One group came to hear the word of god so that they should bear the fruits of repentance but another came near by complaining and to find faults. How do you come to the presence of god? Do you go church to find faults of the preacher or to give thanks to the lord? Ask yourself

We are into a race(journey) and the one who is in this race must run with endurance without doubting. An athletic will not dress up with suit to run but he will remove all that and wear his tracksuits. He cannot run with burden on his head. He must free himself with all burden and train himself fit for running. He must quit some diet and must give time for daily exercise. Likewise every believer is on a race and our finishing point is house of the lord. A believer must not run with burden on his head he must cast his entire burden unto Jesus. He must quit something in his life, he must come out of his comfort zone, and he must crucify all his worldly desires and lust of the flesh, a daily reading of bible to know how fit he is. This chapter is also speaking about one Journey of a younger son who left the house and his father to a far country. There are 3 different kind of example illustrated in this chapter one is about A lost Sheep , A Lost Coin and The Lost son. The sheep find his shepherd by the voice; the woman found her coin when she lit the lamp but the love of father bought the lost son back home. Which is so true in our life … the voice of the lord came searching us, the light of this world step down to find us and his love bought us back from the place where we were totally lost. All glory to Lord Jesus.

Luke chapter 15:24 says for this my son was dead and is alive again. Now my question to the reader is the son was really dead? No he was not dead practically but since he is not having any relationship with his father he his dead and lost for him. Now I want to go little deeper of this text , I am purely talking about spiritual death rather than body…One day the younger son asked his father for his portion. He did not ask this to leave him initially. But he was more blessed; his relationship must be stronger than before because he received his portion from his father who shows that he is mature to handle the blessing but unfortunately it happened other way around. Now the verses 13″Not long after that, the younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild.
What was the thing that made him to take stupid decision like this? Did he not loving his father? How can he leave his father like that…if you read it says not long after that he received the portion. It means it took him less days to take his decision to leave his father…I believe he use to visit his father daily and they both use to spent lot of times together but after receiving his portion(blessing) he visits seldom, now he is spending less time with his father, there is nothing much to discuss between them. After some more days he started visiting his father once in a week just for name sake. And not long after that he stopped visiting his father; this made a great barrier between these two. Now his journey for a distant country is without his father. I don’t know how many of them understood the spiritual side. We are sons of god, an heir who has an authority, we have received our portion from our father like prodigal son and tasted his glory in every way of our life but do you hold the same relationship with him now? We just go once in a week to church just for the name sake, before we use to cry, we use to pray constantly, we use to trust him only, we use to keep his words. After receiving all the blessing from above, received all promises and portions which we asked for. What is the situation now? Are you on a Journey without the Father? You are praying, you are giving tithes, you may be the elder of the church but ask yourself sincerely that if you have Jesus in your journey. Remember, we are blessed because the father is with us; we can cast all our burdens when our father is close to us. I never carry money in my wallet when I am with my father because I know whatever I he need have it. Dear reader, you have a father who cares you but are you still taking your pain by yourself and are you still on a journey knowingly or unknowingly without father?
This son squandered his wealth in wild living. The devil was not jealous about the wealth but he jealous about the relationship. He knew if this Journey of both father and son continues he will be in problem so the only thing to destroy this bond is to separate both of them gradually. My fellow brothers and sister this is what the liar devil does in our spiritual life… he will never destroy the bond between you and god altogether but he will try his tactics gradually step by step. Always remember Devil has more patience than you and me…he will wait for an opportune time and alas we will not know that we are travelling all alone…Mary and Joseph walked three days thinking that they have Jesus with them but while they waited and looked themselves they dint found him…..what was the reason they lost Jesus on their way…I think both of them were so much into the crowds and different voices from all around distracted them.
Are you a person who is distracted by something of this world? Dear Reader Holy Spirit guided me to write this because of you …Wait for a moment and check yourself that if you are walking with god?
Devil wants that you should walk alone. A Journey without our father in heaven brings both spiritually and mentally dead situation. What did the father do to his lost son…he did not give him wealth but he gave exactly what he have lost…the relationship…he hugged his son and gave him Best Robe, the ring and sandal…old clothes were removed it mean old sin was washed away and gave him a best robe, he gave him a ring which shows authority and a sandal because the journey is tough.

Tomorrow is not for you; even you don’t know what will happen at next hour. Jesus is waiting for you to receive you as his son. Seize this opportunity and have a personal relationship with Jesus. I urge all believers, non- believers, pastors, brothers and sisters and all whoever read this….Start a personal relationship with Jesus today because his coming is near, walk with him, seek him and wait patiently for him. If a journey without father leads to death then what will be the Journey with the father …it will lead us to everlasting life.

May God bless you all.

Our Priority determines our destiny

Mathew 6: 33 seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Food, Clothing and shelter this are the basic needs of a man. Not only in this text but if you read Mathew chapter 6 completely you will see how Jesus is dealing with the basic needs of a man.

Jesus is not speaking to any community or any particular person but he want to convey it to everyone because this basic needs worries all let it be rich or poor , Small or great, foreigner or an Asian almost everyone out in this world seek and worry about their livelihood and they surrender their life completely seeking these basic needs. If you see a beggar, from sunrise to sunset he is begging. what about a business man he is after how to establish more , if you see a middle class person he cannot beg or cannot establish more like a rich man so he do extra duties or a side job by giving completely there mind ,energy unto work. We are so much into things that it is impossible for us to stop worrying. No matter how many seminars and sermons you attend to overcome worries, it does matter how many books you read, still we just can’t stop worrying.

Now Worries and problems differ from each and every person. Some may have to worry about little but for some it’s a nightmare but still we call them worries no matter how big or small it may be. I know many people who do lot of therapies, yoga and different kinds of stuffs to win over tensions & worries. Some go for picnics, some take a long leave and some take long breath of relaxation… But let me ask you one thing how long you can resist this and stop worrying?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health but still people smoke…why? What is the reason? They do this to forget what they are undergoing and what they have already gone. I find very funny and interesting that if you can overcome your tension by smoking one cigarette then why can’t you stop with one?? That mean still you are in tension and worries that’s why you take another…and not only that how long you can forget may be 1 or 2 minutes after you finish up with the with your cigar what after that you will take another one….am I right and this will lead to a chain smoker. Open your eyes cigarette is not made to give you pleasure and tension free world… but by that name the devil is finishing you and your life. I ask you to find for me one man or a family who is having a peaceful life by drinking & smoking or by doing all these I have mentioned above.
Does that book which you are reading now is helping you to find a peaceful mind or it is just satisfying you for a while? Devil is a liar he want you to put trust and put your mind on those things where he can attack you easily. If you have build your foundation on blessings, miracles or laid your all hope on your job, health, food, clothing and shelter you can be attacked easily and you are just giving invitation to the devil.

Dear fellows, where have you laid your foundation? It is very important and just for a minute you need to think of that… Have you laid foundation on blessings? On a miracle? But let me clear you, if you lay your foundation on any other things other than on Jesus Christ it will be eroded and you are just wasting your precious time. Remember about two builders, one build on Rock and another on soil …Now you tell me which stood still even on rains and flood? If you lay your foundation on rock that is on Jesus you will stand still on your difficult situation.

Many fall because they lay there foundation on miracles which god have done in there life. See Jesus did not come to do a miracle in this world but he did miracle to believe.Miracles are just a entry pass to get into the real show. Many have this pass but not entered into the real show. I will clear in simple words. Many know what miracles Jesus have done in there life but they really fail to understand who Jesus is…Hmm… Don’t go behind the blessing but go behind the blesser.If you’re healed …that’s good but don’t lay you foundation on that…You have got only the entry pass…REALITY IS STILL HIDDEN FOR YOU…COME IN…come to the holiest place,come to Jesus, taste and see how good he is.

If you read verses 25 of the same chapter Jesus says do not worry… Now you may think then how we can stay without worrying…Let me tell you from today onwards you can stay without worrying.
Again if you read then you will find Jesus is asking “Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? So Life and Body is more important than food and clothes.
If you check how much is the cost of one oxygen cylinder which is needed for one day… Now take a pencil and a paper note down the cost and your age. How much you need to pay? Can you pay that bill?
But God has given this freely to us…Did ever god asked you the bill?? Check how much is for Dialysis and do like what you did before .Can you pay the bill? Check everything that god added in your life. It is gifted because we cannot buy it. So here is the answer. If God has gifted and gave all those things which you can’t buy with money then will he not give you the things which are needed of this life?? Is our father in heaven so weak that he gave life but fails to feed for the existence of this life? I am not saying to live a life of superman…We are human beings and we tend to fall in depression and worries? And our god knows it very well that’s why he says do not worry. But this worries and tensions of the life must not lower your faith on god… you know what you’re trying to convey to god when your worrying about your basic needs and about your life. You saying that god is not worthy, he is not faithful…

Now you ask me you never said that…Yes you are right but you do that when you worry about the things which god has the answer and a better way to get you out.
So what to do now…Let us come to our key word …Seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Underline the word
Seek ye first….Priority of our life determines our destiny .God wants such people who sought him and he will bless those people who sought after him .If you are giving First priority to god ,then all those things which you seek day and night will be added unto you.
Psalms 23: 6 says surely goodness and mercy will follow all the days of my life…when it will follow when you start worrying?? No (verses 1) When you make the lord your shepherd then it will follow you.
If you also say like David then you must not walk according to your will but you must walk according to will of chief shepherd.
Let me ask you does any sheep’s can see the road ahead..?? No…..
It is the Shepherd who is guiding the herd. You may not find way ahead but god has a clear picture of your life… Did anything solved in your life by worrying??? Then why you worry??
In the same chapter if you read it says: Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[b]?
We cannot add anything good to our life by worrying….but sure we can add something which is not good for a life…what are they? Depression, Suicides, Health problems. And Satan is very cunning he knows very well who you are …You better resist the devil and stop worrying about your future and worries about how you will survive… Don’t give priority to the things which are worrying. For e.g. If you are worrying about your financial you make the job easy for
Satan (a liar) he will hit that financial and make you drown in spiritual life. But what if you give priority to God and his kingdom …?? I think now you can answer

Let me ask you because I have come across many who are spiritual but they failed in the matter of priority. Are you one of the people who give priority to your extra duty than to prayer meeting and bible reading? One of the church member was asked why he could not make it to the prayer meeting he said his clothes were not ironed. So what is important for him? Do you also make such dead reasons like you have guests, head is paining, have a birthday party, I am tired, I have no mood…hmm hmmm let each one of them write there reasons. So determine today whom you’re giving priority in life.
David in Psalms says “I have set the lord in front of me…what is this mean? Though he is a king and have authority over things he will never start or do anything without knowing the will of god…
Most of us fall into problems and then pray to know the will god. This is totally wrong idea. Seek the lord while he may be found call to him while is near. Have you ever tried to know the heart of god? Most of the time our belief on God is like a spare tire in the cars …when do you remember about the spare tire…? When the present tires are busted  we remember god when we are in real problems .Woe to that person who give priority to any other things other than god.

Let us give priority for the ministry of god, word of god and prayer
Live a Holy life

May God bless you through this word!


Mark 10:49 – Jesus Stopped and said, “Call him.”

The Gospel of Mark Chapter 10 vs 46 to 52, describe about a blind beggar who had no name of his own, so people called him Bartimaeus, which means the son of Timaeus. The text does not describe whether this man was born blind, but his name tells us that he was rejected by the priests , when his parents took him to the church for dedication he was rejected because he was born blind..and according to the law this kind of people were rejected by the priests of that time
(Leviticus 21: 18)
That was why he did not have any proper name. We cannot know why, but this is what most theologians believe.

If you read this particular text ,Jesus did not do any miracles in Jericho but this blind man grasped the opportunity when he heard Jesus was in the city. God likes people who seize the opportunity of coming closer to Him and are eager to receive His blessings.For Example Mary seized the opportunity whenever Jesus comes to her home..she choosed the good part but her sister Martha was busy with her stuffs.
You need to seize every second to get the blessing of the lord

The Gospel of Mathew states there where two blind men, but only Bartimaeus is mentioned in the Gospel of Mark. Why Bartimaeus found place in the bible? The reason is mentioned in v: 48, where it says, ‘he cried more’. I believe that he cried more than the other one. Bartimaeus was only blind, he did not have a problem with speaking and hearing so he used well whatever he had. He was not disappointed because of what he was lacking, but used what he had to receive what he lacked.

As we go through the whole text we see that he gave a cry for mercy. He cried, because he was rejected and needed mercy from the one who was able to pour it unto him. He knew that no other person could help him but Jesus. It was not an ordinary cry. Most people cry out when they are hurt, with tears rolling down the cheeks accompanied by a loud sobbing noise. But Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus to show he was helpless, weak and disheartened. His cry was a cry of faith.
When we cut our finger, we bleed. Likewise, when our heart is troubled, we cry. People usually think crying means howling aloud with tears in the eyes. But tears are the result of honest crying, which is from the heart. Many people cry quietly without making any noise and without a single drop of tears. They hold everything in their hearts, which affects their lives in a harmful way. But today the deliverance that Jesus gives breaks all such bonds which have been tied up in your heart, which you found difficult to share with anyone….Jesus is waiting for you, you can share everything with Him.

Jesus, during His three and a half years of earthly ministry, healed many people by touching them. Some received healing by touching Jesus. A woman was healed when she touching Jesus’ cloak. But we find some miracles in the Bible, when neither Jesus nor the other person, made any physical contact with each other but still received healing. This blind Bartimaeus is one of the few who did not touch Jesus nor did Jesus touch him.
Let us put aside other miracles of healing and concentrate only on the healings to the blind. As a matter of fact, this is the only blind man whom Jesus healed without touching! Rest all of them received their healing either by touching or by doing what Jesus commanded them to do. What could be the reason of Jesus not touching this helpless blind beggar? Did this blind beggar actually touch Jesus and that must be why Jesus did not touch him? All these are valid questions which I asked the Great Author, Lord God, who calmly replied, “Child, this blind man did really touch me and that was why I stopped and turned towards him.

This revelation about healing without touching was an inspiration to me from the Holy Spirit who wanted me to write about ‘a cry that stopped Jesus’.

If we turn to the Old Testament, we can see many God’s people who cried to the lord. David, Hagar, Hannah, Ezra, Jeremiah, Nehemiah and many more. Hannah was barren but she did not give to disappointment by seeing her own condition, but she cried unto the Lord with all her ability and eventually God granted her wish.
In the New Testament the instances of people crying to the Lord do not stop, which only prove that man is still helpless and direly needs Jesus Christ to have mercy on him. Crying also means requesting, confessing, acknowledging and admitting. When a child cries for food he is requesting as well as admitting that he is hungry. Likewise, when we cry unto Lord we are admitting that we are weak and requesting Him to provide us His strength. A cry without any reason is baseless and God may not answer those appeals. My younger sister always cried without reason, requesting anything that came in her mind without realising that what she was asking was not important for her. But my father knew exactly when she needed a certain thing. He would make sure that she gets it at the right time. Likewise we also ask something, which we think is very important but our heavenly father knows what you need and when to give it to you.
Have you ever tried to know the Heart of God? Crying to God without any reason is a waste of time. But do you not think the blind man Bartimaeus, had a very strong reason to cry? Do you open your mouth and praise God when situations go bad? Do you cry before the Lord or before men for help?

Now many rebuked him because he shouted more. The crowd told him to be quiet. Because Bartimaeus was blind, he could not see the reactions of the people when he cried out to the Lord. You need not be surprised when people rebuke or ignore you, just because you are wearing your faith and bringing your faith into action. You need to ignore what people talk of you, ignore the mocking comments, those threatening words from them and shout to the Lord because it is you who need Jesus; it is you who need the miracle in your life, not those people who are against you. Bartimaeus was blind and needed sight and so he did not stop crying unto the Lord. We should do the same! Seek the Lord and cry unto him.

Esau, elder brother of Jacob, cried to his father too, when he realised about the stolen blessing. But nothing could be done as he had already given his birthright to his younger brother willingly. Therefore, although his cry was with a reason but it was still rendered baseless and did not carry any weight. He did not receive the blessings of being the first-born.
Many people think they can please God with their crying. He is merciful and kind, but we cannot play emotional psychology with God.
We need to know the truth and think more about what crying really means. It is a sign of admitting our failures, it is letting him know that we admit our weaknesses; it is a request to our Creator, like an s.o.s message sent out for seeking help and mercy.

Have faith! Whenever you cry out to the Lord, the Creator of this universe, who made heaven & earth and everything in it, He will stop for you. He will never ignore your cry or disregard your tears – he will put them all in a bottle and reply each and every cry in due time Pls read (Psalms 56 :8 ) We have laboratories to check blood samples, and bone marrow but we don’t have a laboratory to test our is tested in heavenly laboratory and the reply from above will never tarry.

Jesus never forgets! Jesus never ignores!=======================================================


Falcon -16 is the most powerful and best selling fighter as per 2010 updates but I can’t say that how powerful it will be after 1 year. May be they can launch M-17 or M-19 which is more powerful. But I want to tell you about one weapon which has never changed yet and will not change…it is PRAYER and it is given to you and me.
If you see any advanced country they are not using the same type of weapons which they used on 40’s or 50’s. People think out of box they prepare corner guns, machine guns and even pen guns.
All these weapons are made to defend themselves from enemy and more than that to destroy the enemy .They start worrying if there enemy has a stronger weapon than they.

But why did I say all this, being a child of god what we have to do with weapons?? Do we need weapons??? Are we under some threat? …
These are all good questions and try to answer you
Yes we believers need weapons …Not F-16 but Spiritual weapons.Our battle is not against any flesh or blood but it against the principalities of darkness.

How can you fight against Satan with man made weapons… and how can you fight by using your will power. This is our problem we fight our own battles against that enemy who knows our weakness.

It is the worst thing to fight against that enemy who knows your weakness and this is particularly danger when we are not skilled and try to fight with our own abilities. Christian life can be compared to a Race and also to a battle field. We are in a race and in a battle field. Christ is the author and finisher of the race and it is he who fights the battle.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon given to a believer but some do not realize its power and some do not use it because it tarries…People have many things to pray but don’t know how to pray and what to pray. It has so much influence that it can travel anywhere to anyone.
It can go to the wilderness or a king palace. It can talk to a King and it can talk to a normal man.
You can bring people to the place where you’re praying… what does that mean for e.g. if your relative is not saved and if he/she is against .You can remember them in your prayer room.
The person who kneels down before god will never kneel before men; he will never kneel before money or pleasures of this world. The person who cries before god will never cry before men,
The person who seeks help from the lord will never go after men… (It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man) .Prayer has the power and greater influence over things but unfortunately we don’t know it. Woe to that person who thinks that he don’t need to pray, he is actually addressing to god that he can manage the things with his ability & strength. Even Jesus prayed daily when he was there in this world are we so great than Jesus??

Prayer can move the hands and heart of the creator. It can overthrow the law and kingdom. It can stop rains and dew; it can stop the sun and bring forth fire from the heaven.
Prayer has opened the closed and a dead womb. It can open doors and it can also close the doors. Prayer can shut the mouth of the lion and disturb the sleep of a king. It can raise the dead from the cave and it can raise the dead which is going to the cave (Dead man of Nain) .It can break the chains and can open the iron bars…. Last but not least Satan do not fear to those who give sermon, he do not tremble when someone sing good hymns but yes he do tremble and will not come against to those who pray because prayer is talking to god…Relation with god … this is what he do not like and this what he fear.

When you pray its not you who fight the battle but it’s the God who do it for you. That’s why David said to Goliath “You come against me with spear and Javelin but I come against you in the name of the lord “and took a stone from the brook and hit the giant …A stone from the brook…this stone is the weapon for David but it was not that stone succeeded the giant or it was not that ability of David helped here but it was the lord who helped him to triumph over the enemy …Yes prayers is trusting on god ..

Prayer is communion with god. Through prayer we actually experience relationship with God. The quality of our prayer life then determines the quality of our relationship with God. Prayer is talking with God. Prayer is listening to God. Prayer is enjoying the presence of God. It can take many forms – for example: worship, confession, thanksgiving, praise, petition (asking for things), waiting (silent, listening and sensing of God) and warfare (command). If we are baptized in the Spirit we can pray with the spirit, in languages unknown to us but not to God. (1 Corinthians 14:2, 14). Prayer is not simply saying words. It is not repeating formulas. God is looking for heartfelt relationship. We are told by Jesus not to make meaningless repetitions of words when we pray. (Mathew 6:7). Some think that god is a deaf god so they keep on repeating which they think they are pleasing him but our father in heaven knows what all we need before we ask.

If you read Acts 12 there you can see one king who stretched out his hands towards the members of the church…you need to know something today the enemy will not attack anyone who is under his bondage but he is really targeting to the members of the church…which is this church ?? Who are the members of this church? Holy Spirit is not talking about any church you see around I don’t want to take any name here but it is speaking about that church whose foundation is in Jesus Christ. If you read Mathew 13 there you see Jesus is saying peter that your are blessed and said he will build his church on the Rock which is no one else but Jesus itself…and the Hades of Hell will not prevail on it. Let me tell you one thing you may think that the enemy is very close to attack you…yes he will come close to attack you but he will not prevail…he will not be succeed ..he will not stand…(Let Lord arise its enemies be scattered).If you have the time read acts of apostles you will find the enemy was against the church and the members of this church from the beginning but he was failed on every attempt he did . Now let me explain who are the members of this church …The people who believe Jesus Christ has the Living son of God, and the followers of true Living God who walk with him and do the will of god is the church… Where this is church laid upon? It is constructed and cemented upon the Rock that is Jesus Christ (the stone which was rejected by the builder is now the chief cornerstone) the Church is laid upon the strong foundation (Jesus Christ).

It is true that Herod’s hand was against the church but the church knows about one hand which is mightier than Herod’s…But to move that hand Church earnestly prayed for Peter who was in the Jail.
Can you feel a mightier hand which is stronger than that hand which is now against you? Which is talking against you and your family? Which is causing a serious hindrance for your future, family life, job??
So how do you fight this kind of battles??? Do you go for a case?? Do you start planning to hit those things with your own abilities, with your money… is there anyone out there is using all there influence to get out of the situation??? You’re wasting your time …I would like to introduce you about one weapon which anyone can use anytime… Its Prayer…this church did not say anything against Herod because they are weak in front of the King and his army but when they started constant prayer at the middle of the chapter you can see the answer was on the door. I will explain you this read carefully
God sent his angel to the place where people could not reach…yes prayer is that weapon where god will send his angel to those places where you cannot reach…the doors of the jail opened automatically, the iron bars opened when peter was walking …yes prayer is that weapon which can open that iron bars and locked doors where you cannot open…chains was loosed …yes prayer is that weapon which can loose those strong chain which has tied you for many years, your family life and your mind.

It is not the quality of prayer that moves the hand of god but our trust in god that he is able to do moves him…let me explain with you one example If I want something from my dad I will just say to him that he is very good dad…I love him and will make him to know that only he can help me to grasp that ….He will start changing his tone , I can see his face changing with glad and he stretch his hand towards me to help me out..If a worldly father can move his hand & change his face for a child when he says that is good and
trust him only. How about our heavenly father? Will he not move his hand for his children when they cry out? He will do it more than what my dad did for me

Three types of prayer you can see 1) Personal Prayer 2) Family Prayer and 3) Church Prayer. Out of this three personal prayer is the strongest one because if a person his praying he will have a praying attitude in his family and this makes a church strong by having prayerful families it goes on strong if the church is full of people with praying attitude it will change the nation. Yes prayer can change nations and rules of the nations

We are so privileged that some people around us can pray for only 5 times a day, some only on morning…but for us you can pray anytime no matter where you are. Some god only understands their local language but our god is an awesome god…his ears is even inclined to prayer which is from the heart no need of sound …yes you can also do a Sound Proof Prayer ( Like Hannah)

Don’t tell your need and your problem to any man, do not kneel in front of anyone or anything but kneel and submit yourself to the almighty god Jesus Christ who knows you from the mother’s womb…even before your mother realized that you are born in her womb…God’s eyes was on you.

Have a personal relation with Jesus Christ today…give him your heart, surrender and confess yourself

I urge all brothers and sisters of mine to have a personal prayer life …

You’re blessed


Mathew 13:6…they withered because they had no root.

Greetings to all brothers and sisters!

Now Mathew 13 is a chapter of parables. It talks about seeds, weeds, hidden treasures etc. When Jesus was in the world, he spoke in Aramaic with simple words and simple parables which everyone could understand. Why he spoke in parables? Because people at that time and in this age, have hardened their heart. They have closed their eyes. With their ears, they hardly hear and understand. If you read verses 14 and 15, Jesus says,” but if this people turn and see with their eyes, hear with their ears and understand with their hearts, I would heal them.” So while you read or listen to the word of God … these three organs must be active enough to do the will of God. Many see with their eyes and hear with their ears but fail to understand with their hearts. They don’t apply their heart to what they see and hear. They are just hearers but not doers of the word. I remember my teacher asking the class to ‘learn by heart.’
I didn’t knew what she meant that time, but now I know …. I don’t just mug up the word of God but meditate it in my heart…It means that while reading the word, your heart must not wander anywhere.

Christian life is not just hearing and seeing, but it is following and doing. We hear the word, we see the miracles but we just don’t follow what we have heard and experienced and this is a new tactic of Satan. Now you tell me what will happen to that student if he just hears what his teacher is teaching in classroom and not do his homework ?…A Christian who does not do his homework is weak and one day he will fall.
Are you a believer who just hears the word of God in church and try to live a holy life in church compounds only??? Yes many become saints when they are in church compounds, among other believers. They talk about faith and salvation among their fellow church members but what about when you out???

My author encouraged me to glean some truths out of this text that are so relevant to what we are facing today “They withered because they had no root”.Now out of four gospels, except John, rest all three have mentioned about this parable.
I have already mentioned in earlier Rhema about these 4 gospels. Mathew indicates Jesus as ‘King’, Mark as the ‘Servant’, Luke as ‘man’ and John as ‘Living God.’
Now I wondered why John did not say anything about this very important parable in his gospel. I asked God and He replied that the one who read the first three gospels which represent Jesus as a King, Servant and Man and follow what is written, will know the true living God….which John showed us through his gospel..’Jesus as Christ, Jesus as messiah and Jesus as savior.’ Jesus said in Mark 4:13,” the person who understands this parable will understand all the parables…”.Have you ever noticed that the world is ready to accept Jesus as a king, as a prophet, as a man, as a servant but the moment you say that he is a living God…they are against you. Now you know the reason why they hate you. It’s because you know your savior not as a prophet or a man, but as a ‘True Living God’…

Jesus said,” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”….and whoever believes in Jesus will have life …yes abundant life.

This parable talks about 4 grounds and one seed. I don’t want to go in deep about all the grounds. I will share it if my author tells me to write later on. At present, I would like to write about that seed which fell on stony place. The seed was good. That’s why it yielded and bore fruits when sowed on good ground. So the problem is not with the seed, but the problem is with the ground. Now my question to the reader is this. SEED IS GOOD. ARE YOU A GOOD GROUND?
Now the seed is the word of God and the ground is you and me. If this good seed is sowed on good ground, it will bear fruits… Remember that Jesus said,” if you understand this parable then you will understand all parables.” What does He want to convey here ?….In simpler words, if the hearers understand this and do according to this, all mysteries behind all the parables will be known to you. If not, the reason behind it is that there is a veil in front of their eyes . Hence, they will never see the truths of the word. But in II Corinthians 3:16 it is written “Nevertheless, when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.” 2000 years ago, this same veil was torn from top to bottom. But even today, for some believers this veil is not removed because the seed is not sowed into good ground…. You need to change your heart. You need a heart surgery at Calvary. Even though you are called a believer, a blood washed born again Christian, do not tear your clothes but tear your hearts… David tore his clothes for the mercy of God but Christians today must tear their hearts…Psalms 51:17,” the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart. These, O god, you will not despise.”
Why do we believers have divisions among ourselves? Acts of apostles 4:32 says,” Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul. Neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.” Today, why is it easy for the devil to come inside the church and attack us, believers ? Why was it hard for him to attack the earlier church???
They had something which we don’t have this time. If you read the same verse it is written ‘those who believed’ …yes we all believe in Jesus Christ.
‘Were of one heart and soul’…..our problem is that we have divisions here.
“They had all things in common”…. But we boast of things and say that it is our possession.
If you are a good ground, you will yield the fruit of the spirit . (Gal 5: 22, 23).

Now just for a while let us meditate on that seed which fell on stony place.
There was little soil on the stone, but it was not complete soil. The stone was actually hidden. Have you ever tried to hear the word of God with hidden sins or weakness in your heart??? If yes, then you are like the ground with little soil and hard stone hiding deep inside. These types of characters are those who have little faith in God. They haven’t confessed their sins and weakness before God…They are still hiding them deep in their hearts…beneath what they have heard.
Jesus is not trying to say that they don’t receive the word. They receive the word for sure, and they receive it with gladness and joy. The problem is not with the receiving. They are good listeners. They mark all the points in their Bible. They record it in a recorder. But the problem comes when the sun is up (Mathew Ch 13:6). Two things are clearly mentioned in this text. First, when the sun was up, it was scorched. Second, it got withered away because it had no root. Now the meaning of scorched and withered is different.

Scorched means damage of the texture or discolor due to heat produced.
Withered means to dry up, to droop or to lose freshness.

Now the seed did not wither away initially. When it was scorched by the sun …it was still alive. It had only lost the texture and color. But the reason it was dead was because it had no root. Now I had a doubt and I asked my author …
Every seed has an ability to produce roots… Then why this seed had no root?
I complained that that’s why it withered away.
But God answered me smilingly, and said,” Child, the problem was not with the seed. Seed had enough roots. The problem was with the ground which had hidden stony places which did not allow the seeds to lay its root.”

Now you need to know something that the root of a seed has an ability to stand still in front of the sun…Even though the outer covering may lose the texture and color, the life is still there, because the roots is still there.
Confess your secret sins… which are hidden. Those of you, who don’t want to confess them, don’t think that God is ignorant of them. These hidden sins are the stony place which does not allow the seed (word) to lay its root on you. Roots have a control on the tree. Likewise these hidden sins will never allow the word which you have heard to lay its control on your life, until and unless you confess it with your mouth and repent.

The people with this kind of character receives the word of God with joy and gladness, but with the hidden sins (hidden stone). Hence, when the sun is up, when they are tested because of the word which they have heard, they lose their little faith and due to the hidden sins, word cannot heal them. Most of our churches are filled with such kind of characters of living sinners. They are neither hot nor cold, but in a lukewarm stage.
They are dead because they have no root. Their praise & worships are dead, sermons are dead and whatever they indulge in are dead… They have a name of ‘living’ but are ‘dead.’

Now let’s suppose that this ground did not have any stone ….Then the case would be different. The sun is up. It may scorch and the outer structure may be destroyed, but they will not wither and stumble, because the root has a control on it. If the word has root on you, you will have testing periods and scorching situations that destroy your outer texture, your reputation, your finance, your job or anything. But all these scorching situations will not wither you away because the root has got hold on you.
Joseph had a dream. He then went through the dry well, deceiving brothers, slavery and jail. All these scorched Joseph. His outer texture was gone but had not withered away. Promise was still alive. So he stood still and God raised him up. Likewise you will also have His promise, His word but also persecutions and hardships but if you cling on to the promise ….you will bear fruits hundredfold.
What does the root do?? It runs for water that time to provide for the plant and that makes the plant stand still even in scorching heat. The grace of our Lord, power of Holy Spirit, and love of our Father will make you to stand still in every persecution, hardship because all things work together for good for those who love God.
So don’t be like grounds which have hidden stones, but be like a good ground and lay the roots of word of God. Allow the word of God to have control on you. (Psalms 119:165)

All glory to Jesus Christ, God bless you