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If God is the Co-Pilot ,Swap Seats!!

John 2:1 And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there; and both Jesus and his disciples was invited to the marriage.

Greetings to all readers

Do not be amazed by reading the subject because more than an advice, it is a warning message.
If I am not trained to fly a flight, I cannot sit on the pilot seat and I must switch the seat with the one who is being trained. Likewise, I cannot steer my life because I am a dust. I don’t know how to steer my life and so I must swap the seat with the one who knows about my life and the one who gave me this life. Jesus said in John 14:6,” I am the way, the truth and the life.” If God is the Co-Pilot, then your life is in danger.You need to swap seats!! Give him the control of your life.

Every Christian and non- Christian knows this incident very well about Jesus changing the water into wine. But when the Holy Ghost took me through this miracle, he opened my eyes to see what exactly the text meant and what he really wants to convey to us through this text. As I have already mentioned in my earlier Rhema, that every miracle contains a hidden lesson. It is very important to understand these hidden lessons. Every miracle teaches us something which is so related to our daily life.

Here we can see one miracle, but more than that I want to glean out the hidden message which will strengthen us to grow in our spiritual life. I am not against miracle, but if I don’t understand the message behind the miracle, then that miracle is not a miracle for me. This is what happens to many . They are charged up when miracles occur. But since they fail to understand the message behind them, as soon as they get into trials, instead of holding on, they finally go down in faith. God provided bread and water for Elijah near the brook of Kerith in the drought condition, which was a miracle. But he did not put his trust on the raven or on the brook. That’s why he didn’t go weary even when the raven stopped coming and brook dried up. He had got the hidden message of the miracle, that the Lord is a wonderful provider- Jehovah Yireh. Why do we go weary sometimes even though we experience great miracles in our lives? We fail to understand the real message hidden in the miracle, and at last those miracles are not a big deal in our life. There was a wedding in the place called Cana of Galilee. Mother of Jesus was already there, but Jesus and his disciples were invited. Now, the Mother of Jesus was already there which mean she was there from the beginning of the wedding but Jesus was just invited. So the one who is already there has a greater responsibility than the one who is invited, which also means that she had control over the things there, while Jesus was just invited. We also do something like this. We are there in our circumstances. We are completely active in our situations. We steer our life in our own ways and at last end up in a mess …and when we end up in a mess, we invite Jesus into our situations. We then look unto our lives in such a way that we sometimes say like Martha said, “Lord, by this time he stinketh; for he hath been dead four days”. Doesn’t Jesus know that it has already been 4 days? He is in the front of the tomb to raise her dead brother. But she is saying that the case is already stinking and it’s too late for Jesus to do anything. In other words she was pretending that she knows the situation more than Jesus knew. If you have surrendered your life completely unto Jesus, then why do you steer your life?

Once I was sitting in the front seat of a car, next to the driver. It was raining heavily that time and the wiper of the front window of my side was not working. But the driver was driving coolly, because the wiper of the window in front of him was working and so he could see the road ahead of him clearly. I told him that I could not see the road ahead. He gave me a strange answer, but it was a message for me. He said “Sir, why are you worried? You relax yourself. I am driving and the wiper of my side is working properly.” We give the steering of our life unto the hands of Jesus and then start worrying about the road ahead, and we tell him that we cannot see the road ahead. For some of us, Jesus is sitting beside us and we are the drivers of our lives…
Mother of Jesus was already there, having a control over the situations but remember, God will let you to take the control of your life and then latter on he will let you know that you were wrong. He will allow you to get what you want, and then later on he will let you know that you really don’t need them.
Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. We don’t need only the guidance of God in our life. Instead, let us give complete control of our lives to him, just like the lad gave five loaves of bread and 2 fishes to Jesus. He could not increase it but he knew that the one to whom he was giving is able to increase it. Some people approach me for prayer by saying that their situations have not changed since long time. They pray, fast, give etc. …Everything seems to be perfect. Before praying for them, I ask them, “who is steering your life?? Is it you or God?” Some people smile by hearing this question, but some are speechless. For bible says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5). ”The Lord will guide you continually …” (Isaiah 58:11). Trust me – I have seen God come through time again without fail. There is a saying that many have heard – “God is never late, but He is never early.” This means that God will come in with the breakthrough in His scheduled time – not ours! So give full control to him. Now as we all know, there was shortage of wine in the wedding of Cana. And the mother of Jesus was more concerned about this shortage …the only one reason as to why she was more concerned about it was that she had some sort of control over the wine department. Later on, we can see that she commanded the servants to do what Jesus asked them to do. This proves her control over the situation. Like Mary, we also run unto Jesus when we find shortage in our life, when we fail to clear up the mess and when we are confused. Had we given the full control initially itself in the hands of Jesus, we would never had a shortage in our life.
Now let us see how Jesus is dealing with this shortage. When his mother came running, complaining about the shortage, Jesus replied her by calling her “Woman.” Now, right from my childhood, I used to wonder as to why Jesus called his mother ‘WOMAN’, but later on I noticed that Jesus was not only replying to his mother, but actually He was declaring to all ‘WOMEN’ and not to Mary alone. “Woman, what I have to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.” In other words he is saying, “What do I have to do with thee, for you never gave me the full control. And now when you are out of wine, you expect me to do the miracle.” Notice the next word “Mine hour is not yet come”. Which is that hour that Jesus is talking about? It is that time when you swap the seat and give the steering into the hands of Jesus. “I cannot perform unless and until you give me the control of your life.” The first thing that Jesus asked Peter was his boat. He needed his boat to fill his empty areas. God needs our life completely.

And after hearing this, Mary commanded the servants to do whatever he says. That time, Jesus told the servants to fill the jars. I used to wonder as to when there were many good jars in that house, why did god choose the 6 empty jars? It is because; only those empty jars were available. How can god make his home in us? How can be Jesus manifest through us? First, you need to give complete control of your life to Jesus. Second, you must keep his word and act accordingly. And third, you must be available when he calls you. The servants filled the Jars till the brim. Now these Jars are used for cleansing purpose. History of Israel says that one could never fill these Jars till the brim. This was because, since the water in these jars were used for cleaning purpose and were kept outside the house, animals or birds often spoiled the water. For that reason, some holes were made just beneath the mouth of the jar so that, when servants drew water from well, they could not fill the jar till the brim. But when Jesus commanded them to fill the water pots, I believe that before filling the jars with water, these servants must have filled those holes. That’s why the jars were filled and that’s why Christ Jesus did a miracle over there.

Why Jesus took till the Forth watch and command the wind and waves to be still ? because the disciples were trying their luck till third watch,after all their trying Jesus came and commanded the winds and waves to be still. Dear Reader are you still steering your life? and trying all sort of things by your own? Today is time.Give full control to Christ Jesus.

God will do a miracle in our lives, but before that we need to do certain things. We need to give our lives completely unto him – Not partially but completely. After that we need to heed his word and act accordingly. We must be available for his work and we must fill those gaps in our life which is hindering the work of God. Check yourself, if God is the Co-pilot or the pilot of your life.

Let God steer our lives.God bless

Called & Appointed

Mark 3:13-14 And he went up on the mountain and called to Him those he himself wanted, and they came to him. Then he appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach

Greetings to all beloved readers in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus begin his public ministry in the age of 30 in his total thirty three and half years in the world , till 30 years he was preparing for the great mission which father has bestowed over him and send him to fulfill it for us. He increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men. Born in Bethlehem, brought up in Nazareth and his ministry Head Quarters were in Capernaum. During his early days of ministry he called some people to him to be with him. Among these people who were called was Tax Collectors, Fishermen’s ,most of them who were called was uneducated and was counted low in the society. But Jesus did not call them by seeing their Profile but called them for a purpose.
God will not select you by seeing your high profile, he don’t count all those talents and status of this world. He doesn’t count the talents which you have because those things are not needed for the mission. God will not call anyone just by seeing the outward appearance but he will search you inner appearance and will choose you.
Some people are so selective while they choose something for themselves. Here we can see Jesus also called some people for himself, he called them to be with him.
Remember First thing you and me are called to be with him. He did not call you to give sermon, he did not called you to sing in the choirs, he did not called you to speak in tongues, and he did not called you to cast demons. Please do not misunderstand me here.
First and foremost he called us to be with him….rest all things which I have mentioned he will give to you after you are with him. I do not love God by seeing the gold floors of the heaven and by the Jasper made wall. The heaven is heaven for me because my Jesus is in heaven; Heaven is my home because my father is in heaven. Unfortunately many believers do not know why they are called? Some of them serve because they have to do it. I am called to be with him, we are called to be with him. If you are with him he will pour out his blessings on you and you will no room enough to receive it.

Let us read Mark 3:13-15 Jesus called some of them who were not such great in the eyes of the world but the one who has called them knows them better than the world.
After calling them Jesus appointed them, I searched the meaning of the word appointed… I searched until I found the exact meaning which I was looking for.
The word appointed means to discharge the trust or fixed. Now these two words are very important. Jesus appointed those people whom he can trust and whom he can fix for the great mission. My question we all trust Jesus…but do Jesus trust us?
Each and everyone who believes Jesus Christ is God is called (1Cori 7:17) but not everyone is appointed (Mat 20:16).

Calling and appointing is two different things.
I was called but God will search me how faithful and trust worthy I am in what I am called for and after that when he discharge his trust on me he will now appoint me for the task. There is a time gap between the calling and appointing; during this time period god will test you that how good you are to receive the appointment and once you got the appointment you need to stick to the rules. No company will appoint you before the interview. They want to test you and only after that they will appoint you and after appointment you will sign a contract saying that you will abide in the rules of company.
This is what Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 7: 22 and 23 for he who is called in the Lord while a slave is the Lord’s Freedman. Likewise he who is called while free is Christ’s slave. We were in the darkness as bond servants of Satan but Jesus called us from the darkness to the light to be bond servants of Christ. So the position of the one is called and the one who is appointed is different. I am not telling you that you will go to hell because you are just called but you can be appointed. Remember you and me is called to be with him. Ask ourselves are we with him? As I said earlier god will test you when you are called, he will test you patience, he will test how faithful you are in the little things…some people thing that we must be faithful when we come into the presence of god or when we are in church but this is totally foolish idea. God will not test you only in church compounds but he will test you how faithful you are in your office compounds, among your family, your friends. The one is not faithful in office how can he be faithful to God? The one who is not faithful to his wife how can he be faithful to god? . God will test you in all areas and then only he will discharge his trust on you. He may ignore you to test your patience; he may not give you sudden answers for your prayers to test your trust in him. Now you may ask why he doing all these? Why he should test us before appointing us? The reason because the ministry is not a Game. You must know that you need to give up something in your life; you must pay the price for which you are going to be appointed. God is sovereign he don’t need to test you, he knows each and every one of us but this testing between the calling and appointing period is to let you and me know how able we are to be appointed. Some people have a thirst for the god ministry but they don’t want to give up something in their life. So god will test him or her and teach the importance of what he or she will be going to do, and with this they will come to know that the thing which they can’t give up is very little compared to things which they are going to get. Apostle Paul says he count them rubbish which was important for him to gain Christ. Phil 3:7 says but what things was gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. One man sold everything what he had to buy the field which had hidden treasures. Why that everything was not important for him because he found the treasure.

Let’s come back to Saint Mark after appointing twelve Jesus gave them power to preach, Power to cast demons. Power to heal sicknesses. All these authorities was bestowed to them when Jesus found them worthy to be his disciples…they were called as normal men but they were appointed as apostles…see the changes. God will give his authority and his power to the appointed. Now you may be a normal person for this world, but be with Jesus and walk with Jesus he will appoint you as a vessel for his purpose…Remember for what we are called for…serve and love him with whole heart. HE WILL APPOINT YOU FOR HIS PURPOSE AND TO BE WITH HIM.

May God bless you


Jeremiah 18:4 But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.

Greetings to all my beloved readers….Blessings!

This particular message has touched and changed my life completely. I remember this message as my first sermon when Jesus revealed himself to me and opened my eyes…Jesus in his ministry did not recognized
himself but revealed himself. Peter once said to Jesus “You are Christ, the Son of living God.” So Jesus replied him,” Blessed are you Peter, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father who is
in heaven.”
The University of London cannot give you the revelation of Jesus. You need to sit in the presence of the Lord because flesh and blood cannot portray Jesus in you, but Father in heaven must reveal the son to you.

Now you may think who this vessel is and who is this great potter? Do not be amazed!! This vessel is you and me and the great potter is our Lord Jesus Christ. There are many potters in the world who can design and mold vessels made of clay, but they cannot mould people and their hearts…But my great potter is great because he can mold you inside out. The art of making a pot has not changed through the centuries. The wheel is now turned by an electric motor, but that is about the only difference. Even this is still controlled by the foot of the potter. The clay is the same as it has always been. The potter is the same,with his capable hands, guided by his intelligence, working to mould and shape the clay into the vessel he has in mind. All glory to God. I remember when I had shared this message in my church, I was crying like a child….I couldn’t stop my cry because I was totally marred. But I could see that my Great potter was holding me and was molding me into a new vessel. I burst out into tears when I saw that revelation …I was marred and totally messed up but still, he did not throw or cast me out… He still wanted to mold me into a new vessel… I love my Jesus…because He remembered me… He molded me into a new vessel. I give all glory to my father in heaven.
Is there anyone who is reading who is really messed up in their family life, in their job, in all their aspects of life? And tried a lot to get out of this horrible pit? Let this message be your turning point just like it
changed me.

I would like to draw your attention to the strain and hard work of the potter to make a vessel
A Potter will take the clay from the foot of the mountain because the soil on top is mixed with stones and so it is not suitable to make a vessel. Likewise, God also chooses those who humble themselves. He will not choose the proud. He chose the fishermen and made them into fishers of men. He chose the tax collector and made him into a soul collector. If you humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, He
will never forsake you. He exalts those who humble themselves…Some people cannot humble themselves because they have lot of things in their hand, which makes them feel to be on the top of the world . But
they forget that they are like vapor. When the potter takes the soil from the foot of the mountain, he will throw away all the stones and the small particles from the soil so that when he makes the vessel, these particles does not hinder the plan…Likewise, when we humble ourselves, God will chose us for Himself and soon after that, he will separate us from this world, our old friends, old habits and characters so that those friends and those habits may not hinder the relationship with the our God. Now do you know why that relationship, why that thing was separated from you? .Now after separating the particles, he will put some water on the clay and start mixing it completely with the water and after that, he will put this mixed soil on a wheel. Now with his both hands, right hand out of the vessel and left hand inside the
vessel, he will start rotating this wheel…Likewise when we are separated from this world, our old man and our old friends, we will be persecuted from all around, from our family and from our office, but
remember, we are on the wheel the potter is having full control on our life and he is making us.

Do not think that we were alone in the times of persecution and trials, because we are in the hands of the
great potter- Jesus Christ. You are in his hands because he has a great plan over you.

How much strain Jesus took for mending our lives which were under darkness! He left his heavenly glory and came humbly to this world and kept silent in front of authorities who were putting false accusations on him. He bore our sins till the cross. One night while I was praying, I saw two nailed hands clearly coming towards me. That time, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about how much strain Jesus took for us and I started writing it on my dairy with tears in my eyes. “I had nailed those hands that formed me. I had nailed those hands that drew me out from the pit. I had nailed those hands that molded me – The hands of my daddy –Jesus Christ”.

Dear Reader, how many times you and me were marred? God always begin a work in us, but by our unfaithfulness and our weakness, we get marred completely. Just see the face of potter. You and I are in his hands, but is the potter glad by seeing you? Is he satisfied by seeing you and me? Are we totally messed up in our life? Marred in his sight?
Remember, there was a lot of strain behind you and me …He shed his blood for us. The Roman soldiers pierced him until the last drop of blood, and he laid his life for you and me. Why did he lay his life for us and why he left the glory and came humbly to the world? Have you ever thought of this?
We were formless because of sin, and wages of sin was death but Jesus laid his life so that you and I may receive life, an abundant life. He became formless so that he may give you his form.
Are you the one who is totally messed up in your life and thinking that there is no hope left in me and that even God has forsaken me? Wake up! You are in the hands of the great potter. He will mould you into a different vessel. He will take all you’re messed up situations which you can’t clear up. He will take them for you and mold you in his hands into a new vessel, Jesus said in Cana of Galilee to fill the empty Jars.
And that empty Jar was filled with the water and Jesus changed the nature of water into wine which satisfied everyone. He is ready to fill and change your empty places but are you available?
The Bible in Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” The verse does not say that “all things are good” but “all things work together for good.” Cake illustration: There are many ingredients that go in to making a cake, and many of these, if taken by themselves are not good tasting (i.e. not everyone enjoys eating raw eggs, or flour etc.) but if you put all of the ingredients together, they all work together to make a great tasting cake (the end product). So God takes the bitter and sweet, the hard and easy, the bad and the good, and works them all together for good. It may be your family life that is messed up or may be your personal life which is marred, but give it unto the hands of the great potter. He only can mold you and heal you.

Peter once left Jesus and went fishing. Fishing is not a sin but his hope and faith on Jesus were marred,but Jesus approached him and made him into a new vessel, and when this new vessel stood up in the day of Pentecost, he spoke the Word and on that day, 3000 people were added to the church. If the vessel is spoiled, it is good for nothing but our great potter does not throw the marred clay. Instead, he takes it and moulds the clay into another shape. God knows you and he knows how much you are marred in your life humble yourself into his hands he will make you into a new vessel with a new beginning. Out of the 100 sheep, one was lost but the good shepherd left that 99 aside and went searching for the lost and took the lost sheep in his shoulder …are you in his hands ??

Jesus is searching you dear brother and dear sister! Are you messed up? Humble yourselves under the mighty hands of God and he will exalt you in due time.

God Bless you.


Luke 4:13: ”.. and when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him until an opportune time.”

Greetings to all blog readers in the matchless name of our lord Jesus Christ.

We have mistakenly given Satan too much credit. He does not have a limitless number of temptations that he can pull on us. As 1 Jn. 2:16 says, there are three areas where the devil tempts us: (1) the lust of the flesh, (2) the lust of the eyes, and (3) the pride of life. Jesus’ three temptations correspond to these.

Our battle is not against the blood or flesh. Rather it is against the spirit of darkness and so, the weapons of our warfare is not carnal, but mighty through God for pulling down the strongholds. Though we walk in flesh, we must not fight the warfare with the help of flesh. Let me use a mathematical term over here which will be very easy for you to understand. The spirit is inversely proportional to flesh, which mean if the spirit is strong, then automatically the flesh will be weak. If the lust of flesh is strong, the spirit will be weak. Now let me use a biblical term over here which is more convenient. Galatians Ch 5:17 says,” for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary to one another.” Then how can we win over the lust and the desires of flesh ?….The answer is in Galatians 5:16, ”Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” Including me, our problem is that we fight our own battle. We fight the battle of spirit with the help of flesh. Now I would really like to glean some beautiful revelations out of this….Why you cannot win the battle with the help of flesh? Most of us might have watched wrestling where we can see a winner and a loser, because their battle is between and against the flesh…But you cannot battle against the spirit of darkness like a wrestling champion i.e. against the spirit of darkness with the help of flesh. The flesh was strong when God created man; he clothed man with his glory… (Illustration: He clothed us with His glory just like the light covering the filament of a glowing bulb…we cannot see the filament when the bulb is glowing but when it is switched off, you can see the filament). Likewise, man was also covered with light and glory of God but due to sin, all men fell short of the glory of God. We are like a switched off bulb, without light. Our nakedness can be seen without this light but the light of the world stepped down into the darkness…and drew us out from the darkness into the light. All glory to Jesus.

So it is foolishness to fight the spiritual battle with the help of flesh, because the flesh is not strong enough to fight against the spirit of darkness. I remember someone saying to me, “ brother, when I am carried away with the temptation, I increase the volume of the stereo system of my car, so that my mind is not carried away with the temptation”…. But my question is, “how long will you increase the volume of the stereo of your car?” This is purely fighting the battle of spirit in flesh. Some people, when tempted, they take the bible and read Psalms 91. Till the end of the chapter, they are not tempted but after finishing it, they are easily carried away with the temptations. Some people start singing gospel songs, some go and watch GOD TV etc. You are giving that liar devil a chance by fighting your own battle.

So it is confirmed that you cannot battle the spiritual warfare with the help of flesh because the flesh is weak. But let us see, how Jesus wants to teach us through this incident. Remember, the temptation that came to Jesus and the temptation which come to us are totally different. Jesus was tempted from outside, which means that the devil was trying to put those thoughts from outside, but our temptation comes from inside…i.e. its produced within us.

Devil came to Jesus when he was hungry…Hunger is a weakness…He did not come when Jesus was in fasting, but he came after that, when he was hungry.
Devil will never attack you when you are strong in spirit. He is good in patience and will wait for an opportune time. When you are weak in spirit, he will come silently like a serpent …without making any noise. During this time, he will play with all his tactics towards you and will try to tear you down from the presence of God gradually. He doesn’t want the result very fast . Instead, he will try all his tactics to pull you down gradually, step by step. He waits for an opportune time which means, he waits for you to be weak on those matters in which you were strong. Now, the bible says that the devil left Jesus until an opportune time…which means he did not go for ever. Why didn’t the devil leave Jesus forever? Or when will the devil will leave forever? Now many of us think that if we pray or fast or read the bible, the devil will leave us forever…. Certainly not! Because God has set a time for the devil and his angels to be put into the lake of fire (Rev 20:10 says,” the devil who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophets are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever). Until this set time, the devil will work out his tactics to make us weak in spirit. So what we must do here ? We should walk in spirit day by day.

Let us see how Jesus overcame Satan in Luke 4

You can’t be tempted unless you have first thought about it. All temptation is linked to what you think on. Therefore, control your thoughts, and you will control temptation. This is a simple but profound truth. It’s the reason most people fall into temptation.

Luke 4:1 says, ”Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and was led by the Spirit.” Many received the spirit but are not filled in spirit. If you are filled with the spirit, then the spirit must govern you and the spirit must lead you. If you are not willing to be filled with the spirit, then dear reader, who is leading you? Ask yourself….
How can you be filled with the spirit…? We need bread to strengthen our body. Likewise, we need to strengthen the inner man (spirit). You must fill yourself with the Word of God daily, speaking in tongues. Besides, praying daily, fasting, keeping the commandments ; in other words, having fellowship with God will strengthen your inner man. There is always a warning indication in a car. When the petrol is less in the car, the driver stops his car in a petrol station to fill the tank. Likewise, there is always a warning buttons in our spiritual life. God has put a supreme court inside us… that is the inner conscience which speaks to us that we are guilty. God will give warning through the word and through the holy spirit or by this Rhema. Just like the car is halted in the petrol need to wait and halt in your life to fill yourselves… which means you need to sit in the presence of God to fill up the empty places in your life …. Wait for the power and grace of our lord.

Jesus answered the devil with the word….He replied the devil using the term “as it is written”…if we walk according to ‘as it is written’, no devil can prevail us. Jesus is trying to teach from this that every weapon that devils brings in our life there is always a answer to defend. it is already written. Our problem is that we don’t walk as ‘it is written’…We misquote the word to fulfill our desires and keep aside the law of God for temporary desires of flesh. Devil can’t do anything to a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit and who walks according to ‘it is written.’

In another translation, it is written, “the devil left Jesus for a season”……Which is that season where devil is waiting to attack you ?…It is not that season in which your bear much fruits for the lord, but he tempts us when we are in ‘out of season’ …i.e. when we are weak , when we give up , when we backslide and, when we are tired of situations. All these are opportunities for Satan to work out his weapons well on you. He will come like an angel to you, and even sometimes show you the things which seem to be right, but the way will be to destruction.
He tempted Eve by saying that when she eats that fruit, she would be like God but she forgot one truth that she was like god that time…
Well, we all want to be like God. That’s true, but see the way he led Eve …the way was wrong.
He will play with your mind and he will try to get into your nerves so that you will be disturbed from all around. Satan certainly tempted Jesus in the beginning of His ministry (Matthew 4:1-11). Satan dangled perverted means before Jesus to accomplish legitimate ends. The real temptation was never about turning stones into bread. It was Satan’s attempt to manipulate Jesus into doubting His Father’s Word and doing something to prove who He was., gaining recognition as a spiritual leader, and reigning over the earth were all a part of Jesus’ plan. Satan takes legitimate desires and twists them. He will show you good desires but wrong ways of fulfillment. Stealing is not the way to feed a family. Lying is not a way to hide the truth. Devil will show short cuts, but Jesus said,” I am the way.” Walk with Jesus and don’t use short cuts in your life.

According to James 4:7, ”Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Let us see this part by part : Submitting, Resisting and Fleeing.

Submitting: To “submit oneself” means to come into voluntary obedience to a person, to bend your will to that person’s. If you’ve been proud, you need to voluntarily (not only under duress) bend your will to God’s will

Resisting: The word “resist” means “set against, set oneself against, oppose, resist, withstand.” Our problem too often is that we are double-minded, clinging both to our selfish desires and a desire to please God. We must clearly take a stand against the devil and at the same time let go off the desire that gives him power over us. Resisting the devil means to stop flirting with his temptations. To say “no” to him and “yes” to God. If you submit god will give you the strength to Resist.

Fleeing: Now the fleeing of devil is very easy if you do the above mentioned submitting and resisting. Bend yourself to the will of God, that is, submit yourself, your mind, your body and when you submit yourself to God …He will then pour out his grace upon you to resist the devil. Our problem is that we resist the devil before submitting to God. Set your mind today and submit yourselves to God. Resist the evil with power and grace of God which is in you and by doing this, no devil in the hell can play around with you and have control over you. See James 4:7 says,” the devil will flee from you…”. Most of us flee from devil because we haven’t submitted ourselves to God yet.

Don’t give opportunity to devil (watch all your ways: your talking, your seeing, your dealing with the things and everything with you indulge in must be pleasing to God. Let us submit ourselves to our Father in heaven !