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Are You a Lukewarm?

Lukewarm has spread like a cancer and many believers are affected with this disease which can be treated /cured by God only. Lukewarm means half hearted, enjoying both the worlds. Like king Herod who likes to hear powerful message of John and after that want to see the girl dance. If this disease is not treated well then it will eat your inner man. Some of them are deceived while some are doing it purposely, they are rebellious.


Welcome to the God’s Lab, give your heart for testing and sit for a while with the RECEPTIVE EAR because in few moments you will understand whether you are victim of this CANCER (Lukewarm).


The characteristic of Lukewarm


1)      They are half hearted –

2)      They are  lovers of world

3)      They are not poor in spirit

4)      They are spiritually blind

5)      They are proud

6)      They are stagnant

7)      They do not have intimacy with Jesus Christ

8)      They don’t abide to God’s word

9)      They don’t abide to God’s will

10)  They don’t worship in spirit

11)  They are self satisfied

12)  They are self deceived

13)  They want to enjoy both the worlds

14)  They have not come into the full knowledge of Christ

15)  They have not come into truth about Christ Jesus and His word

16)  They are poor hearers

17)  They are hypocrites

18)  They are unfruitful

19)  They are wretched and miserable

20)  They are naked

If we have diagnose ourselves with this cancer then let me tell you the remedy from the word of God. Rev 3:20 says Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.

First, you have to Look – stop looking at yourself, the world and it things but ‘Look’ to Him who is calling and speaking to you today.

Second, you have to hear the Word– It means you must have RECEPTIVE ears. Ears that are willing to hear and heart that is willing to follow what you have received

Third, you have to recognize His voice– This need INTIMACY …We cannot recognize the voice of God in one day that’s a routine process, we must disciple our lives for that.

Fourth, do your job – Your job is to open the door of your heart after you hear and recognize the voice of God.

Fifth, Constant fellowship – After getting into the INTIMACY with Jesus Christ we must CONTINUE Sitting with the Lord, walking with Him, talking to Him, receiving from Him.

Hope you have received your inner man’s HEALTH report…read it , understand it and apply it …let Him hear who has a ear.


God bless you/Blessen Daniel