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Peace and grace from God, the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope you are doing well today.May God bless you with this message…. The meaning of confidant is ‘intimate’ friend or someone who is close to your heart. A good friend is worth than wealth. Someone said that if you have a true friend, you don’t need a mirror. But we find it so hard to get our confidants. We have Jesus Christ who is our true friend and He cannot be compared to anyone in this world. But while we live in this world, especially the children of God, we need fellowship without which, it  is hard for us to walk in this wilderness. We are human beings and we need company. The people who commit suicide think that they are alone. But if you just talk to them for a while and encourage them, you can save a soul from going to hell. A fish cannot live without water; a tree cannot stay for long if you pull it out of soil. Likewise a believer cannot live a healthy spiritual life if he is pulled out from the fellowship. It is very much important to find our confidants. We all are different in every way. It is hard to find someone who matches our wavelength. If we have someone who has the same vision, spiritual burden and thinking like ours, then the battle will be little easy…That’s why the Bible says that when two or three gather in my name, I will be there.This gathering is not just a meeting, but more than that, it shows the oneness among the people and amidst such oneness, the presence of God will perform mighty works. Every one who talks good about you may not be your good friend. And everyone who criticizes you may not be an enemy. Some people come and go, but there will be some who will stay with you in all your thick and thin. A confidant will encourage you, criticize you, support you, rejoice with you, cry with you, pray with you, and pray for you…A confidant is for you but can we find anyone like  this? We have a world with selfish people around who have no time even for themselves. But is there anyone who can be trusted? We can find our confidants, but it is bit hard…Much prayer and careful discernment is needed from our side. Jesus Christ had many disciples. He was close to his twelve disciples but even among the twelve,  He was more close to James, Peter and John. Jesus was not showing favoritism here. But these three disciples were more sensitive to Jesus than others. We meet lots of people and we might have lots of members in our church, but are we close to all? No! But we are surely close to some in or outside the church for many reasons. What ever you reasons may be, can I ask you one thing? Have you found your confidant even among the few with whom you are close? Can they be trusted? Or are they around just for selfish reasons? Paul had several companions with him, but he was close to a few people who were like minded. See what he says about Timothy.Philippians 2:19-22, ‘But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly, that I also may be encouraged when I know your state. For I have no one like-minded, who will sincerely care for your state. For all seek their own, not the things which are of Christ Jesus. But you know his proven character, that as son with his father he served with me in the gospel.’ Paul says that Timothy was of ‘like mind’ because all other seek their own. Paul had many friends in Christ but only a few confidants. These confidants were great peace to him. Have you found your confidant yet brethren? If not, seek seriously.

Let us try to understand this in detail. The word of the Lord came to Mary, the mother of Christ through Gabriel. The message was something hard to believe because no virgin in the history had given birth to a child. Mary was an ordinary girl but she found grace in the sight of God.Instead of unbelieving the word of God, she asked the angel about the possibility of the same. Since her question was out of curiosity, the angel answered her as to how she would bear the Son. On the other hand, the Priest Zachariah who knew better than Mary doubted the words of  God and asked about the possibility of the same. Instead of getting an answer, he got the punishment. God expected Zachariah to believe. If we know more, then God expects something more from our side. Angel of the Lord told Mary about Elizabeth, her relative who had conceived a son in her old age and it was her sixth month. A lady who was called barren had now conceived a son. For God nothing is impossible. Amen! Though Mary was Elizabeth’s  relative, she never knew about this good news. Now Mary arose in those days and went into the hill country with haste to find her confidant. Why did Mary go with haste to meet her confidant? Because what the angel told about her cannot be discussed with anyone in her house and not even to the man whom she was engaged to. They would not believe her. They would have discouraged her. No one in the world would have believed what Mary had received. So she needed an intimate friend in this world who could believe her and support her. Mary greeted Elizabeth. We don’t know what the greeting was. But they were surely the words of Spirit,because on hearing this greeting, the baby John leaped in the womb of Elizabeth. More than a worldly relationship, there was a spiritual bond between them. If you are a spiritual person and a prayerful person, seek your confidant and you will surely find your friend. With such, there will be a great spiritual bond. The baby leaped. That shows the life, movement and enthusiasm… Do you find life in the conversation, a passion in the relationship and an encouragement from the  people with whom you are mingling and talking to? If not, then you are not with the right people. Mary was more confident now after meeting Elizabeth. Has your faith increased through your fellowship with the people in the church or in the universal body of Christ? Are you more confident in the Truth? Are you growing? If not, you must prayerfully seek your confidants. When Mary and Elizabeth met each other, they were filled with the Holy Spirit. So you can imagine how powerful their conversation was. People who like to gossip will get same kind of  people; if you love to lie every time then you will get another big liar as a friend. Jacob was a cheater initially but he found another big cheater as friend, Laban! If you are person who love God, you will get another confidant who loves God just like you. Now, Elizabeth spoke out with loud voice and said. “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” A confidant will always want to see you blessed. They won’t be jealous when your are blessed…They are for you and want to see your good days. Elizabeth was in need of a person like Mary to grow in faith, because she had only Zachariah at her home, who doubted God’s promise. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and in turn, Mary started singing praises to God. We see here two different women carrying the same burden, passion and vision. When they came together, there was no space for the devil, doubt, and the world. Wow! How blessed we will be if we find our confidants in this wilderness! For sisters, if your husbands are not in Christ or not active in the Lord, then prayerfully seek out for sisters who are going through the same problems and for brothers vice versa. Seek your confidants prayerfully and with discernment. May God bless you and supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory!

Shalom! Pray for me and for this ministry.