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Mark 10:49 – Jesus Stopped and said, “Call him.”

The Gospel of Mark Chapter 10 vs 46 to 52, describe about a blind beggar who had no name of his own, so people called him Bartimaeus, which means the son of Timaeus. The text does not describe whether this man was born blind, but his name tells us that he was rejected by the priests , when his parents took him to the church for dedication he was rejected because he was born blind..and according to the law this kind of people were rejected by the priests of that time
(Leviticus 21: 18)
That was why he did not have any proper name. We cannot know why, but this is what most theologians believe.

If you read this particular text ,Jesus did not do any miracles in Jericho but this blind man grasped the opportunity when he heard Jesus was in the city. God likes people who seize the opportunity of coming closer to Him and are eager to receive His blessings.For Example Mary seized the opportunity whenever Jesus comes to her home..she choosed the good part but her sister Martha was busy with her stuffs.
You need to seize every second to get the blessing of the lord

The Gospel of Mathew states there where two blind men, but only Bartimaeus is mentioned in the Gospel of Mark. Why Bartimaeus found place in the bible? The reason is mentioned in v: 48, where it says, ‘he cried more’. I believe that he cried more than the other one. Bartimaeus was only blind, he did not have a problem with speaking and hearing so he used well whatever he had. He was not disappointed because of what he was lacking, but used what he had to receive what he lacked.

As we go through the whole text we see that he gave a cry for mercy. He cried, because he was rejected and needed mercy from the one who was able to pour it unto him. He knew that no other person could help him but Jesus. It was not an ordinary cry. Most people cry out when they are hurt, with tears rolling down the cheeks accompanied by a loud sobbing noise. But Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus to show he was helpless, weak and disheartened. His cry was a cry of faith.
When we cut our finger, we bleed. Likewise, when our heart is troubled, we cry. People usually think crying means howling aloud with tears in the eyes. But tears are the result of honest crying, which is from the heart. Many people cry quietly without making any noise and without a single drop of tears. They hold everything in their hearts, which affects their lives in a harmful way. But today the deliverance that Jesus gives breaks all such bonds which have been tied up in your heart, which you found difficult to share with anyone….Jesus is waiting for you, you can share everything with Him.

Jesus, during His three and a half years of earthly ministry, healed many people by touching them. Some received healing by touching Jesus. A woman was healed when she touching Jesus’ cloak. But we find some miracles in the Bible, when neither Jesus nor the other person, made any physical contact with each other but still received healing. This blind Bartimaeus is one of the few who did not touch Jesus nor did Jesus touch him.
Let us put aside other miracles of healing and concentrate only on the healings to the blind. As a matter of fact, this is the only blind man whom Jesus healed without touching! Rest all of them received their healing either by touching or by doing what Jesus commanded them to do. What could be the reason of Jesus not touching this helpless blind beggar? Did this blind beggar actually touch Jesus and that must be why Jesus did not touch him? All these are valid questions which I asked the Great Author, Lord God, who calmly replied, “Child, this blind man did really touch me and that was why I stopped and turned towards him.

This revelation about healing without touching was an inspiration to me from the Holy Spirit who wanted me to write about ‘a cry that stopped Jesus’.

If we turn to the Old Testament, we can see many God’s people who cried to the lord. David, Hagar, Hannah, Ezra, Jeremiah, Nehemiah and many more. Hannah was barren but she did not give to disappointment by seeing her own condition, but she cried unto the Lord with all her ability and eventually God granted her wish.
In the New Testament the instances of people crying to the Lord do not stop, which only prove that man is still helpless and direly needs Jesus Christ to have mercy on him. Crying also means requesting, confessing, acknowledging and admitting. When a child cries for food he is requesting as well as admitting that he is hungry. Likewise, when we cry unto Lord we are admitting that we are weak and requesting Him to provide us His strength. A cry without any reason is baseless and God may not answer those appeals. My younger sister always cried without reason, requesting anything that came in her mind without realising that what she was asking was not important for her. But my father knew exactly when she needed a certain thing. He would make sure that she gets it at the right time. Likewise we also ask something, which we think is very important but our heavenly father knows what you need and when to give it to you.
Have you ever tried to know the Heart of God? Crying to God without any reason is a waste of time. But do you not think the blind man Bartimaeus, had a very strong reason to cry? Do you open your mouth and praise God when situations go bad? Do you cry before the Lord or before men for help?

Now many rebuked him because he shouted more. The crowd told him to be quiet. Because Bartimaeus was blind, he could not see the reactions of the people when he cried out to the Lord. You need not be surprised when people rebuke or ignore you, just because you are wearing your faith and bringing your faith into action. You need to ignore what people talk of you, ignore the mocking comments, those threatening words from them and shout to the Lord because it is you who need Jesus; it is you who need the miracle in your life, not those people who are against you. Bartimaeus was blind and needed sight and so he did not stop crying unto the Lord. We should do the same! Seek the Lord and cry unto him.

Esau, elder brother of Jacob, cried to his father too, when he realised about the stolen blessing. But nothing could be done as he had already given his birthright to his younger brother willingly. Therefore, although his cry was with a reason but it was still rendered baseless and did not carry any weight. He did not receive the blessings of being the first-born.
Many people think they can please God with their crying. He is merciful and kind, but we cannot play emotional psychology with God.
We need to know the truth and think more about what crying really means. It is a sign of admitting our failures, it is letting him know that we admit our weaknesses; it is a request to our Creator, like an s.o.s message sent out for seeking help and mercy.

Have faith! Whenever you cry out to the Lord, the Creator of this universe, who made heaven & earth and everything in it, He will stop for you. He will never ignore your cry or disregard your tears – he will put them all in a bottle and reply each and every cry in due time Pls read (Psalms 56 :8 ) We have laboratories to check blood samples, and bone marrow but we don’t have a laboratory to test our is tested in heavenly laboratory and the reply from above will never tarry.

Jesus never forgets! Jesus never ignores!=======================================================