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Craving for the Word – Part 2

1 Peter 2:2, ‘Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.’

We are saved. We are being saved and we will be saved. We have not yet received full salvation of our souls. Our spirit is saved right now. Our soul is being saved and our flesh will be transformed. All those who have received Christ must grow spiritually and this growth depends upon the intake of pure spiritual milk. We are not growing if we do not have the craving for the Word. Peter explains to us that we do not grow by ourselves. But the pure spiritual milk helps us to grow and gain strength in our spiritual life. It is the word of God that works in a believer and not his works and ability. It
is the word that transforms a sinner to a believer and it is the same word that gives strength to grow in his/her salvation. In other words, the word of God determines our salvation. So the more we intake the Word, the more we grow in it and vice versa.

Now the pure spiritual milk or the word of God does not only mean the
Bible.It also means the voice of God that we hear in our inner spirit. Bible is given to us but apart from this, God speaks to His child daily. God commanded Adam as to what to eat and what not to eat- that’s the Bible. But God use to speak to Adam and Eve daily. So we should not only have the craving for the written word in Bible, but we should also have the craving to hear His voice. Reading the Bible and hearing the voice of God must go hand in hand. Reading the Bible only will not take us to heaven, but hearing His voice and growing accordingly by obeying Him will make one live forever. So the backdrop of the above is that one should have the
craving for both to read the written word in the Bible and to hear His voice

How to hear the voice of God.There is no written formula of how to thear His voice but as per my experience in the Lord I have written below.

Now many of us have a doubt as to how to hear the voice of God. We have Bible in our hands which we can read. But how do we hear Him who is invisible? The problem with us is that we wait to hear the voice of God to sound like that of thunder and the sound of many waters. Some have gone astray and the devil has cunningly deceived them by making them believe that whatever sound they hear is the voice of God. To hear His voice, we must first understand as to how God speaks. He speaks in still small voice.He doesn’t speak loud, though in some circumstances, He does that. But for an obedient child, He speaks in still small voice through messages like this,
songs, posters etc. Just imagine- when do we speak louder? When one does not hear us and or when one is far from us. God is bit louder to them who disobey and are far from Him, but to them who lay on His bosom, He speaks in still small voice.

    Spend time with God-

We can sit in prayer meetings for several hours but when it comes to spending time with God alone, time seems to drag…We must cultivate the habit of sitting alone with God. Adam lived 930 years in the world, but if you ask him about the best time of his life, he would surely say that the time spent with God was the best among all. Jesus spent more of His time with His heavenly Father than with the people, while He was in this world. He spent more time talking to His Father and that’s why, the devil or people or situations could not overcome Him. When we spend more time with God, life becomes easier even during the storms. Like the Psalmist says “I set the Lord always before me”. What will be our life if we set our Lord always before everything and everyone? We are going to spend all our time with God in eternity. That’s why we need to spend most of our time with God while we are here in this world.So to hear the voice of God, we must take an effort of spending time with God alone.

    Hear well

– One of the beautiful gifts that God gave us is ears. It is very complicated organ because God arranged a system in our ears that can recognize 15000 different musical notes that’s why you can recognize the barking of dog and notes of violin as different. Our God is an awesome God. Sometimes our ears are so much filled with other things that we are not able to hear God’s voice. We stuff our ears with gossips, unwanted and beggarly things of this world. So when the Word is shared, we cannot receive it. I have a mobile which can take maximum of 150 messages. If I want to receive more messages, I need to delete the previously received messages. If you want to hear the voice of God, delete all the unwanted messages from our ears. In Mark 7:32-35, a dumb and deaf man was brought to Jesus. To heal him, Jesus took him away from the crowd and put both fingers in his ears – that teaches us that we should not hear anything that affects our spiritual life. After this act Jesus said ‘Ephphatha’, which means ‘to be opened’. He closed his ears and then said, ‘be opened’! Pray to God today that he may touch your ears so that you will not hear anything that leads your mind to darkness.

Now next, where do we hear His still voice?

We hear Him in our conscience or inner spirit. God speaks to our spirit because He is Spirit. God speaks through visions, dreams and through His appointed servants, but the best among all is to receive the word of God personally in our spirit. Many of us take interest in dreams and hearing the word of God through anointed servants – Even though God speaks through them, the best of all is hearing His voice directly. Tasting Him personally and daily is very important. No one can separate you if you personally know Christ as your savior.
Peter 2:3 says ‘you have tasted that the Lord is good.’ There is a sea of difference between tasting Him personally and knowing about Him from others. Peter who have seen Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain does not encourage his listeners to put their base on dreams or visions but preaches them to have craving for the pure spiritual milk- that is the word of God.

How to recognize the voice of God?

How do you recognize your dad’s voice? It’s because of the relation with him.To recognize the voice of the Lord, we must have a relationship with Him. A sheep recognizes the voice of its Shepherd. Likewise, if we are His sheep and if He is our shepherd, then there is no difficulty in recognizing the voice of God. John 10:5, ‘Sheep does not recognize the voice of stranger.’ In fact, they run away from Him. The moment the sheep hears the voice of a stranger, it
runs away from him and follows the shepherd. The devil will cunningly try to trap you by his lies, but the His sheep will not entertain his word but rather; it will take his feet from the trap and crave for the voice of His shepherd.

Secondly, to recognize the voice of God, we must understand that God is light and there is no darkness in Him. God never tempts. He never lies. He never changes like shadows. Every thought/voice that keeps on changing and keeps on telling against the truth you heard is not His voice.

To be continued ….