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Exodus 2:10
So she called his name Moses, saying, “Because I drew him out of the water.”

Greetings to all readers in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

I thank God for the revelation that he gave, which was hidden for me in the past years. I was sitting in the presence of the lord to learn about the rod that Moses stretched towards the Red sea and about the burning bush. But the spirit of the lord took me to the Nile River in Egypt to show me the baby Moses, who was drawn out of the water, where the rule was to cast all babies into the river.

Now, according to Genesis Chapter 3, God has put enmity between the seed of woman and the seed of serpent. It was said that the seed of woman will bruise the head of the serpent. Now from that time onwards, the devil is behind the seed of woman to destroy the promise of the promised one. Devil will not work out his plans against the worldly man but he will work against you because you have a promise. He was after Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and even Jesus….But I thank my lord …the promise is fulfilled. And the seed of woman (Jesus) has bruised the head of the devil. Let me tell you something; if God has promised you something, no matter what the devil does, the promise on you will be fulfilled.

Now in Exodus, the King of Egypt declared to kill all male babies by casting them into the Nile River. As I said earlier, this rule was not declared by the king of Egypt for the first time. But it was declared earlier in the Eden Garden after the man’s fall. Now at this point of time, one child was born, who was beautiful. So his parents decided to hide him. But they could manage to do so only for three months. After that he was daubed into an ark by his parents, and laid it among the reeds by the river’s bank. In the place where many babies died during that time, Moses was safe in the ark….If you have a God’s promise on you, it doesn’t matter even if the rule or the king or any person is against you…The same river which swallowed many male babies, the promised one was floating in the ark, safe and secure.

The name Moses is a well known Egyptian name, ’Mosheh’, which means, “drawn out.” This name has a lot of meaning in it. Babies at that time were cast out into the river but the promised one was drawn out of it. If God has promised you something and if you cling on it and trust in the lord …no matter even if your situation is against the promise, God will draw you out of that situation and fulfill his promise made to you. Joseph was cast into the pit so that his promise would not be fulfilled, but God took him out of that pit and put him in the king’s palace. Three young men were cast into the fire but the Lord appeared in the fire and saved them. Daniel was cast into the lion’s den but those lions did not open their mouth when they saw the man of God. In those days, before casting anyone into the den, the lions were kept away from food for some days …so that when the person is cast into the den, the starving lions would tear away that person into pieces. But who had shut the mouth of the lions over here? I believe God was in the den before Daniel. God knows your situation well. Cling unto Jesus for the promise…If anywhere and if anyone is casted out and into anything there is always a work of God behind it, to draw him out of that.

Now the most interesting part is that the palace from where the rule was declared to kill the male child, in the same place the daughter of Pharaoh declared to nurse the child Moses. The mother of Moses never thought that she would get back her child but the lord had a clear plan about the child. You may be thinking that you will never get back the thing which you lost, but God has a plan for it….Be patient and see the work of the Lord. Moses was drawn out to redeem Israel from Egypt… His mother use to tell him about the sufferings of his brothers in Egypt… So from the childhood, it was seeded into the heart of Moses by his mother to redeem his brother out of Egypt. I thank lord for these kind of mothers who put the word of God into the heart of children from their childhood. Why doesn’t a child obey their parents? Because they were not nurtured by the word of God from childhood…Many parents try this when the child becomes a 25 years old man. This is totally wrong. Actually….you needs to do it when he or she is a child, not when grown up. God will draw you out from the situations, but it is our responsibility to nurture ourselves with the word of God.

We also were under the yoke of Satan once and he planned to kill not only our body but also our inner man. But 2000 years ago, there was one lamb that was lifted up from the earth, to draw you and me to him…. Now John 12:32 says “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself”….How Jesus was lifted to draw you and me unto him…?? He had no form or comeliness. And when we see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him…..What does this show? It shows our condition when we were sinners ….Why was he lifted in this form? So that he should draw us who were formless and had no beauty in our nature. He left his heavenly glory and came to this world to draw you unto him. Now he has given us a new song in our mouth and set our feet on a rock. Psalms 40:1 and 2 says,” I waited patiently for the lord .And he inclined to me .And heard my cry .He also brought me up out of a horrible pit” ….We were in the horrible pit of Devil but Jesus was lifted to draw you out from this horrible pit….Moses was drawn out from the water to redeem Israel. Joseph was drawn out so that he could help his brothers and father in the days of famine. Daniel was drawn out from the lion’s den to reveal the glory of God in Babel but we were drawn out from the horrible pit so that we should stand for the lord and sing his praises…

Let us live for the lord not for this world.