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John 8:11, ‘ And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”’

Last time, we learnt about how Jesus replied those men who tried to accuse Him by bringing a woman to be condemned. I shared that Jesus sent her to witness. But today , we will glean the other part of what  Jesus told her i.e, ‘Sin no more’. God wants us to witness and live in holiness. This is the will of God through Christ Jesus, our Lord. Jesus did not condemn her, but insisted her to go and live a holy life. In other words, witnessing  and holiness is what Jesus desired from her life. Today, God is not asking us to do any uphill task.  He wants us to witness His son Jesus and live a holy life, because He is holy. This woman did not come to Jesus by herself.  The situation of her life brought her to Him. She was facing a situation, the end of which was only death. The law and the society commanded to stone her to death, but through Jesus Christ she received  grace. Grace that not only forgave her sins but gave her a reason to live a holy life for Him, who forgave her sins.      John1:17, ‘ say for the law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.’ The law took the stone to kill her, but Jesus put the stone down and saved her. For this cause, He came to the world, i.e not to condemn the world, but to save through Him. She faced a situation where death was the only outcome. This situation brought her into Jesus.  We also did not come to Jesus of our own. But there were some shortages in our life that brought us to Him. Jesus said to this woman, “ to go and sin no more.” God will never say anything which we cannot do. If He said ‘Sin no more’, then He knows that we can do it through His help. Jesus has never sent back anyone empty handed. Though He rejected a few who came to Him, it was because of their evil intentions. God sees our intentions. There were many blind and leprous people in the land of Israel,  but only those who implored and believed in Him, got healed and received His grace. Why did this woman who was caught in adultery receive grace? It was because that when all her accusers ran away from the sight,  she  stood alone and confessed. Those who run away from God will never find grace,  but those who stand before Him and confess his or her sins shall surely taste the goodness of God.

One of the names of Jesus Christ is ‘wonderful counselor’. There are many counselors in this world but only one wonderful counselor. You might share your problems with the counselors of this world, who can  give only partial solutions.  But you don’t need to tell anything to Jesus. He knows you in whole and only He can give you complete solutions forever. No body need to tell Jesus about this woman who was caught in adultery.

The law and men demanded death for this woman, and that was the only solution before them. But the beauty of Jesus is that He knows the root  cause of any situation and that’s why He said to woman “Sin no more”. Sin was the root cause of her life’s situation  and Jesus plucked the root of sin through grace. The counselors of this world may find the root cause in your life, but they cannot solve and give the remedy. But Jesus Christ Himself is the answer. Come to Him today. Taste and see that He is good. Even if your sins are as red  as blood….it doesn’t matter. Come to Him as you are. He will be so good to you that you will start singing His goodness all the days of your life.  Religions have no idea about the root cause of the fall of mankind. Only Jesus Christ has authority over sin, death and darkness. Once you come to Jesus, there is no need to go anywhere else.  Jesus did not send this woman  anywhere, but forgave her multitudes of sins and released her. Jesus wanted her to witness this goodness of God to the people around her and wanted her to live a holy life acceptable to God.

This woman cannot live a holy life of  her own. But whoever is set free by Jesus receives power from above to overcome sin.  Let us see how we can live sinless life in this sinful world :

1 John 3:9, ‘ No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God.’

1)      Born of God – First and foremost, we must be born of Spirit and water. In other words, be born again. You cannot live a holy life without being born of God. Flesh profits nothing and no carnal mind can please God, but the one who is born of God is the son of God and only such can please God by living a Holy Life. For most of us, Jesus is still in manger. But He must be in our heart. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, because old things are passed away and behold, everything has become new.

John 15:3, ‘ you are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.’

2)      Seed of God– This seed is the word of God. With this seed, one is born and with this seed, one overcomes sin. The Psalmist asks as to how can a young man live a holy life ? And the answer is , ‘By keeping the commandments of God’. Sin is breaking the law but when you have the truth in you, then how can you break the law? Word of the God is the sword of spirit that cut downs every lie of devil. Word of God purifies us when we abide in it.

3)      Power of God– The indwelling of the Spirit produces the fruits of Spirit and thereby nullifies the works of flesh. Read Galatians 5:16-25.We must be clothed by the power of Holy Spirit, and we must be filled by the power of the Holy Spirit. Both are different experiences, which helps us to overcome the power of sin. The power of sin had such impact on mankind that caused God to offer the life of Jesus as the sacrifice for our sins. But the power of darkness could not comprehend  the light. We cannot live a holy life without the power of Holy Spirit. Holy life without Holy Spirit Is a  hypocrite life. Holy Sprit makes a believer an over comer. The name of the Holy Spirit is “Helper”. He helps us to witness Christ Jesus and over come the evil. When a believer is clothed and filled by the power of Holy Spirit,  then no power  pulls him down.

4)      Walk with God – This is my life experience :  whenever I fall short of walking with God, I fall short to live a holy life…The more I speak to Him in prayers, the more I become sensitive to sin.  Prayer is not sitting or kneeling down in one place. It is meditating Jesus Christ all times, whenever and wherever we are,…setting the Lord always before us, and delighting only in Him. Remember, Adam fell when he stopped walking with God.

Jesus did not say many words to solve the problem of this woman who was caught in the act of adultery. He said “I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more” . Jesus not only saved her life from those critics,  but saved her from going to hell. Jesus did such a good thing for this woman. And now,  Jesus in return wanted her to go and be a witness and live a holy life.  Dear friends in Christ, have not the same Jesus did the same thing in your life? Now let this message make you realize what He expects from you and me. Witnessing the goodness of Jesus and living a life in Holiness.

May the good God give you power to be an over comer.

Stay Blessed / Blessen Daniel