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Mathew 13:6…they withered because they had no root.

Greetings to all brothers and sisters!

Now Mathew 13 is a chapter of parables. It talks about seeds, weeds, hidden treasures etc. When Jesus was in the world, he spoke in Aramaic with simple words and simple parables which everyone could understand. Why he spoke in parables? Because people at that time and in this age, have hardened their heart. They have closed their eyes. With their ears, they hardly hear and understand. If you read verses 14 and 15, Jesus says,” but if this people turn and see with their eyes, hear with their ears and understand with their hearts, I would heal them.” So while you read or listen to the word of God … these three organs must be active enough to do the will of God. Many see with their eyes and hear with their ears but fail to understand with their hearts. They don’t apply their heart to what they see and hear. They are just hearers but not doers of the word. I remember my teacher asking the class to ‘learn by heart.’
I didn’t knew what she meant that time, but now I know …. I don’t just mug up the word of God but meditate it in my heart…It means that while reading the word, your heart must not wander anywhere.

Christian life is not just hearing and seeing, but it is following and doing. We hear the word, we see the miracles but we just don’t follow what we have heard and experienced and this is a new tactic of Satan. Now you tell me what will happen to that student if he just hears what his teacher is teaching in classroom and not do his homework ?…A Christian who does not do his homework is weak and one day he will fall.
Are you a believer who just hears the word of God in church and try to live a holy life in church compounds only??? Yes many become saints when they are in church compounds, among other believers. They talk about faith and salvation among their fellow church members but what about when you out???

My author encouraged me to glean some truths out of this text that are so relevant to what we are facing today “They withered because they had no root”.Now out of four gospels, except John, rest all three have mentioned about this parable.
I have already mentioned in earlier Rhema about these 4 gospels. Mathew indicates Jesus as ‘King’, Mark as the ‘Servant’, Luke as ‘man’ and John as ‘Living God.’
Now I wondered why John did not say anything about this very important parable in his gospel. I asked God and He replied that the one who read the first three gospels which represent Jesus as a King, Servant and Man and follow what is written, will know the true living God….which John showed us through his gospel..’Jesus as Christ, Jesus as messiah and Jesus as savior.’ Jesus said in Mark 4:13,” the person who understands this parable will understand all the parables…”.Have you ever noticed that the world is ready to accept Jesus as a king, as a prophet, as a man, as a servant but the moment you say that he is a living God…they are against you. Now you know the reason why they hate you. It’s because you know your savior not as a prophet or a man, but as a ‘True Living God’…

Jesus said,” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”….and whoever believes in Jesus will have life …yes abundant life.

This parable talks about 4 grounds and one seed. I don’t want to go in deep about all the grounds. I will share it if my author tells me to write later on. At present, I would like to write about that seed which fell on stony place. The seed was good. That’s why it yielded and bore fruits when sowed on good ground. So the problem is not with the seed, but the problem is with the ground. Now my question to the reader is this. SEED IS GOOD. ARE YOU A GOOD GROUND?
Now the seed is the word of God and the ground is you and me. If this good seed is sowed on good ground, it will bear fruits… Remember that Jesus said,” if you understand this parable then you will understand all parables.” What does He want to convey here ?….In simpler words, if the hearers understand this and do according to this, all mysteries behind all the parables will be known to you. If not, the reason behind it is that there is a veil in front of their eyes . Hence, they will never see the truths of the word. But in II Corinthians 3:16 it is written “Nevertheless, when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.” 2000 years ago, this same veil was torn from top to bottom. But even today, for some believers this veil is not removed because the seed is not sowed into good ground…. You need to change your heart. You need a heart surgery at Calvary. Even though you are called a believer, a blood washed born again Christian, do not tear your clothes but tear your hearts… David tore his clothes for the mercy of God but Christians today must tear their hearts…Psalms 51:17,” the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart. These, O god, you will not despise.”
Why do we believers have divisions among ourselves? Acts of apostles 4:32 says,” Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul. Neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.” Today, why is it easy for the devil to come inside the church and attack us, believers ? Why was it hard for him to attack the earlier church???
They had something which we don’t have this time. If you read the same verse it is written ‘those who believed’ …yes we all believe in Jesus Christ.
‘Were of one heart and soul’…..our problem is that we have divisions here.
“They had all things in common”…. But we boast of things and say that it is our possession.
If you are a good ground, you will yield the fruit of the spirit . (Gal 5: 22, 23).

Now just for a while let us meditate on that seed which fell on stony place.
There was little soil on the stone, but it was not complete soil. The stone was actually hidden. Have you ever tried to hear the word of God with hidden sins or weakness in your heart??? If yes, then you are like the ground with little soil and hard stone hiding deep inside. These types of characters are those who have little faith in God. They haven’t confessed their sins and weakness before God…They are still hiding them deep in their hearts…beneath what they have heard.
Jesus is not trying to say that they don’t receive the word. They receive the word for sure, and they receive it with gladness and joy. The problem is not with the receiving. They are good listeners. They mark all the points in their Bible. They record it in a recorder. But the problem comes when the sun is up (Mathew Ch 13:6). Two things are clearly mentioned in this text. First, when the sun was up, it was scorched. Second, it got withered away because it had no root. Now the meaning of scorched and withered is different.

Scorched means damage of the texture or discolor due to heat produced.
Withered means to dry up, to droop or to lose freshness.

Now the seed did not wither away initially. When it was scorched by the sun …it was still alive. It had only lost the texture and color. But the reason it was dead was because it had no root. Now I had a doubt and I asked my author …
Every seed has an ability to produce roots… Then why this seed had no root?
I complained that that’s why it withered away.
But God answered me smilingly, and said,” Child, the problem was not with the seed. Seed had enough roots. The problem was with the ground which had hidden stony places which did not allow the seeds to lay its root.”

Now you need to know something that the root of a seed has an ability to stand still in front of the sun…Even though the outer covering may lose the texture and color, the life is still there, because the roots is still there.
Confess your secret sins… which are hidden. Those of you, who don’t want to confess them, don’t think that God is ignorant of them. These hidden sins are the stony place which does not allow the seed (word) to lay its root on you. Roots have a control on the tree. Likewise these hidden sins will never allow the word which you have heard to lay its control on your life, until and unless you confess it with your mouth and repent.

The people with this kind of character receives the word of God with joy and gladness, but with the hidden sins (hidden stone). Hence, when the sun is up, when they are tested because of the word which they have heard, they lose their little faith and due to the hidden sins, word cannot heal them. Most of our churches are filled with such kind of characters of living sinners. They are neither hot nor cold, but in a lukewarm stage.
They are dead because they have no root. Their praise & worships are dead, sermons are dead and whatever they indulge in are dead… They have a name of ‘living’ but are ‘dead.’

Now let’s suppose that this ground did not have any stone ….Then the case would be different. The sun is up. It may scorch and the outer structure may be destroyed, but they will not wither and stumble, because the root has a control on it. If the word has root on you, you will have testing periods and scorching situations that destroy your outer texture, your reputation, your finance, your job or anything. But all these scorching situations will not wither you away because the root has got hold on you.
Joseph had a dream. He then went through the dry well, deceiving brothers, slavery and jail. All these scorched Joseph. His outer texture was gone but had not withered away. Promise was still alive. So he stood still and God raised him up. Likewise you will also have His promise, His word but also persecutions and hardships but if you cling on to the promise ….you will bear fruits hundredfold.
What does the root do?? It runs for water that time to provide for the plant and that makes the plant stand still even in scorching heat. The grace of our Lord, power of Holy Spirit, and love of our Father will make you to stand still in every persecution, hardship because all things work together for good for those who love God.
So don’t be like grounds which have hidden stones, but be like a good ground and lay the roots of word of God. Allow the word of God to have control on you. (Psalms 119:165)

All glory to Jesus Christ, God bless you