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Mark 4:37, 38 ‘and a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But he was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke him and said “Teacher, do you not care we are perishing?”

Greetings to all readers in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to share with you today that ‘HE CARES FOR YOU’. I know that God cares for us in general, but he has a personal relationship and a personal concern for each and every one of us.

Mark 4:35 onwards it says, ‘On the same day, when evening had come, he said to them “Let us cross over to the other side”’. You must understand ‘which is that same day’. It was the same day when Jesus revealed the mystery of the kingdom of God to his disciples. He spoke to multitudes in parables, but when the disciples were alone he explained to them, all things about the parables. Notice what Jesus said to his disciples “Let us cross over to the other side”. He said ‘Let us’. He did not send his disciples alone. He sent them with a great promise and assurance of his presence. He not only promised that they would cross over to the other side, but also gave an assurance that they were not alone. ‘ I AM’ is with you.
In the gospel of Saint Mathew, Mary was told to call his name “Jesus”. In Hebrew, it’s ‘Yeshua’. But in gospel of Saint Luke, its being asked to call his name ‘Emmanuel’ because he is ‘ God with us.’ So Christ Jesus is not only our redeemer, but he is ‘God with us’. He will not only redeems his people, but he will be with his people…So if you think you are alone in the journey of life …you are mistaken, because God is with you…Amen

I guess that the disciples were fully charged up after receiving the revelation of the great mystery. They were full of confidence and hope in their lives, but suddenly there arose a great windstorm. The waves started to roar against the boat. Everything was going good but suddenly a great storm hit your finances. Everything was going great but suddenly and unexpectedly, waves started hitting your family life, job and your children’s life. I am not talking about the storm that hit Sumatra or the waves that hit the shores of Sri lanka. I am talking about the storm of problems and situations hitting your home, where everything was going fine and good till yesterday. But suddenly today, you hear a news which makes you worry and gives you the feeling of uncertainty.
Like Job, everything was going calm in his life. But a sudden storm hit his life.
I have heard people saying that they were doing good at the business when suddenly from somewhere, the storm hit their expectations. No one can see from where the wind comes. You realize it when it hits your life. I am sure that disciples never expected this sudden storm in their life. And I do know that there are some folks who are reading this Rhema, who are going through such sudden storm in their life….You expected something but you are facing something which is against your hope. You thought that family life would be a blessing to you, but it is in the verge of a divorce ( a sudden storm). You thought that your job would be sufficient to provide for your family. But recession has hit your company and no one can do anything. When they were in the midst of the sea, sudden situations arose against their expectations….These disciples were singing and praising in the boat of expectation and were glad that they were nearing their destiny but a sudden storm hit their boat of expectation. Now they could not see their destiny and started crying out with fear of perishing. Are you going through such kind of problems? When you could see your promise, you began your life journey with great expectations, but now you feel that you are perishing in the middle of this storm. Theologians believe that this storm which hit the boat of disciples was a ‘whirlwind’. A whirlwind is a spinning vortex, which spins you around in the same position. It will not allow you to move ahead or restore. Is there anyone who is in the midst of this kind of spinning? You are toiling day and night but still you are in the midst of a whirlwind kind of circumstance.

Disciples tried everything to calm this situation. Today morning I got a call from one sister who said that till the previous day, everything was fine, well and good, but all of a sudden, a great storm hit their family. And she was trying her best to calm the situation but failed. What do you when all of a sudden waves of such situations hit your family life, job, spiritual life or your faith? Do you try to solve it all by yourself ? Let us see what the disciples did here . V 38 …’And they woke him up…Jesus was asleep on a pillow in the stern.’ You must understand one thing that we are not looking at God, the Father,the Creator of this world. Instead, we are looking at Jesus, the God in the human flesh. Let us see the spiritual side of this….

‘Jesus was in the stern’…What is a stern? It is the rear or the aft part of a ship or the back of Ship. What was Jesus doing in the stern? He was asleep on a pillow.These two things are very important to understand why the disciples had a feeling of perishing, even though Jesus was with them.
First, Jesus was in the stern. In other words, he was not in the front.Second most important thing was, ‘he was asleep’. Most folks get a feeling of perishing in the midst of their problems, because Jesus is not in the front of their life. He is sleeping in their life.
Dear beloved, are you facing the problem by your own abilities and experience?
Is Jesus sleeping in your life? When does Jesus sleep in your life?
If you don’t have a personal relation with him, or a prayerful life, if you don’t meditate on the word of god and if you do not walk according to the word, you will make Jesus sleep in your life….

Dear folks, wake him up (start a relation with him, by praying, meditating on the word & obeying him) and allow him to lead in front of the windy situations, because he cares for you. Math 7:11, ‘ If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him.’
Math 6:31-32, ‘ therefore do not worry saying what shall we eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what shall we wear? For after all these things the gentiles seek for your heavenly father knows that you need all these things.’

‘Disciples woke up Jesus and said “Teacher, do you not care we are perishing?” but Jesus did not answer this question. But he said to the windstorm and the waves
“PEACE AND BE STILL “.’ Why didn’t Jesus reply that question on perishing ? It’s because, there is a volume of scriptures in the Holy Bible regarding how much he cares for us.
Psa 103:13, ‘ like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him. The father pities his children that are weak in knowledge, and teaches them; pities them when they are forward, and bears with them; pities them when they are sick, and comforts them; pities them when they are fallen, and helps them to rise; pities them when they have offended, and, upon their submission, forgives them; pities them when wronged, and rights them: thus the Lord pities those that fear him.’
Someone said it was Peter who asked Jesus “Do you not care we are perishing?” but when Peter experienced the love and care of Christ Jesus in the windy situation, he writes in his epistles
“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of god that he may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you.”

Jesus stood for them and rebuked the wind and waves and there was a great calm.
Remember, in the beginning, there was a great storm but when Jesus stood and said ‘PEACE’, there was a great calm…After a great storm, there was a great calm….
This windstorm hit the boat because of two reasons 1) to make disciples understand how much he cares for them 2) the devil try to block their destiny but the promise of god prevailed

In Mark 5:1 says ,’then they came to the other side of the sea…’ If Jesus has told you “ Let us cross over to the other side”, no matter how strong the wind may be, it is just a design to bring hurdle to your destiny. “ The one with us is mightier than the one in the world”.

Jesus cares for you….go through the word once more and if Jesus is sleeping in the stern of your life, wake him up and let him lead your life because “HE CARES FOR YOU”.

May god bless you!