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Lesson from the life of Simeon

We will have a study about the life of Simeon who waited for the Lord’s Christ for that I have taken a portion from Luke 2:25-29 and splitted into 7 points.

Verse 25 Now there was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon

Bible is written for Man so it tells us about a Man Simeon. He was a Man that means he had nature like ours but he was different. God does not point everybody but He points very few people and says “He is my MAN” yes! God is looking for a Man who will stand for him in this compromising generation. Simeon was one of them who did not compromise to the system of this world but waited for the messiah.

Verse 25 ….. Who was righteous and devout.

A ) He was Righteous – One of the first thing God want from us is that we should be righteous. Simeon was not perfect but he was righteous. Righteous or righteousness means right ways. We may justify our crooked ways as right ways but that is not valid in the eyes of the Lord. It is not necessary that you will be a righteous man if you have head knowledge about God. Walking with God is connected to relationship and not just knowledge. God is pleased when we walk in His path and that’s the time he makes covenant with us. God said to Abram to practice righteousness before Him (Gen 17:1) and then He will come to an agreement with him. Without practicing righteousness God does not agree with us.

B) He was Devout – In other words he was not carnal. He did not put his leg on two boats. Loving the world on weekdays and loving the Lord on Sundays was not in his dictionary. Bible says he was spiritual and dedicated.

Verse 25 …He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was on him

A) He waited – Bible says he was waiting for the Messiah. The word ‘waiting’ is present tense. There were many Israelites who waited for Messiah for long but they all lost hope but among them Simeon was different because he did not lose hope, He was still waiting for Christ. I know you will agree with me that now a day’s many believers also lost hope about the second coming of Christ but I thank God for few who are still waiting.

B) Holy Spirit was upon him – Bible does not say Simeon received Holy Spirit few years back but it says Spirit was upon him at that moment. You might have filled by the Holy Spirit 10 yrs back but how is your condition now? God wants to see what we are right now not what we were before. Today churches are filled with believers who claim that they were something but look at Simeon, Spirit was still working on him. Filling in Spirit is not one time process but we should do it every time. We need immeasurable power of Spirit to lead a victorious Christian life. Let us examine that do we still have the power of Spirit or are we living in delusion.

Verse 26 It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Messiah.

A) He received revelation time to time- This is very necessary for every believer. Our ears and heart should to be circumcised for this. Elijah could survive in the severe draught not because of the bread and water but he received revelation from time to time, Abraham did not kill Isaac because he received the word “Abraham Abraham “Do not lay a hand on the boy”. Have we received revelation this month or this week or this day from the Lord? Remember, Lord’s Prayer…Give us our daily bread! If you stop seeking, you will stop receiving and if you stop receiving, you will faint and fall. There was not widespread revelation at time of Eli Priest that’s why he fell down and died at the moment.

B) He was Man of faith – We must understand that Simeon did not receive an ordinary revelation because he does not know how long he should wait for Christ because he was already too old. His body said he was weak and will die soon but his faith in God said “I will not die until I see Christ”. He was alive because God’s promise was upon him. Do we give more important to facts or God’s word? Let us learn from this man.

■Verse 27 Moved by the Spirit, he went into the temple courts.
A) He Moved in Spirit – Simeon moved in Spirit that’s why he could recognize Baby Jesus from many children who came in the temple to fulfill the custom of law. When we move in Spirit we will never fall, we will recognize God’s will and His provision. We think that we can move in Spirit only when we are in the church but Simeon came to church by the Spirit. Paul says that ” The Spirit of God is in us” …while we are in Church or not in Church we must move in Spirit. Let us make every move according to the voice of Spirit.

Verse 29 Sovereign Lord, as you have promised,you may now dismiss your servant in peace.

B) He was not of this world – We can understand this from verse 29 As soon as Simeon received Christ in his arms his next statement was a request to depart from this world in peace. He does not have any other desires because all his desire was to see Christ. A person who receives Christ and who have received the knowledge about Christ will understand that they have nothing in the world- they will plainly proclaim that they are strangers. Today we are engrossed in many things in such a way that even though we have received the greatest gift in our hands (Christ) we still desire and run for beggarly things of this world. A person who cannot proclaim as stranger to this world cannot be the citizen of heaven.

Let us learn a lesson from the life of this blessed man of God

May God bless you !
Your brother in Christ
Blessen Daniel