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Falcon -16 is the most powerful and best selling fighter as per 2010 updates but I can’t say that how powerful it will be after 1 year. May be they can launch M-17 or M-19 which is more powerful. But I want to tell you about one weapon which has never changed yet and will not change…it is PRAYER and it is given to you and me.
If you see any advanced country they are not using the same type of weapons which they used on 40’s or 50’s. People think out of box they prepare corner guns, machine guns and even pen guns.
All these weapons are made to defend themselves from enemy and more than that to destroy the enemy .They start worrying if there enemy has a stronger weapon than they.

But why did I say all this, being a child of god what we have to do with weapons?? Do we need weapons??? Are we under some threat? …
These are all good questions and try to answer you
Yes we believers need weapons …Not F-16 but Spiritual weapons.Our battle is not against any flesh or blood but it against the principalities of darkness.

How can you fight against Satan with man made weapons… and how can you fight by using your will power. This is our problem we fight our own battles against that enemy who knows our weakness.

It is the worst thing to fight against that enemy who knows your weakness and this is particularly danger when we are not skilled and try to fight with our own abilities. Christian life can be compared to a Race and also to a battle field. We are in a race and in a battle field. Christ is the author and finisher of the race and it is he who fights the battle.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon given to a believer but some do not realize its power and some do not use it because it tarries…People have many things to pray but don’t know how to pray and what to pray. It has so much influence that it can travel anywhere to anyone.
It can go to the wilderness or a king palace. It can talk to a King and it can talk to a normal man.
You can bring people to the place where you’re praying… what does that mean for e.g. if your relative is not saved and if he/she is against .You can remember them in your prayer room.
The person who kneels down before god will never kneel before men; he will never kneel before money or pleasures of this world. The person who cries before god will never cry before men,
The person who seeks help from the lord will never go after men… (It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man) .Prayer has the power and greater influence over things but unfortunately we don’t know it. Woe to that person who thinks that he don’t need to pray, he is actually addressing to god that he can manage the things with his ability & strength. Even Jesus prayed daily when he was there in this world are we so great than Jesus??

Prayer can move the hands and heart of the creator. It can overthrow the law and kingdom. It can stop rains and dew; it can stop the sun and bring forth fire from the heaven.
Prayer has opened the closed and a dead womb. It can open doors and it can also close the doors. Prayer can shut the mouth of the lion and disturb the sleep of a king. It can raise the dead from the cave and it can raise the dead which is going to the cave (Dead man of Nain) .It can break the chains and can open the iron bars…. Last but not least Satan do not fear to those who give sermon, he do not tremble when someone sing good hymns but yes he do tremble and will not come against to those who pray because prayer is talking to god…Relation with god … this is what he do not like and this what he fear.

When you pray its not you who fight the battle but it’s the God who do it for you. That’s why David said to Goliath “You come against me with spear and Javelin but I come against you in the name of the lord “and took a stone from the brook and hit the giant …A stone from the brook…this stone is the weapon for David but it was not that stone succeeded the giant or it was not that ability of David helped here but it was the lord who helped him to triumph over the enemy …Yes prayers is trusting on god ..

Prayer is communion with god. Through prayer we actually experience relationship with God. The quality of our prayer life then determines the quality of our relationship with God. Prayer is talking with God. Prayer is listening to God. Prayer is enjoying the presence of God. It can take many forms – for example: worship, confession, thanksgiving, praise, petition (asking for things), waiting (silent, listening and sensing of God) and warfare (command). If we are baptized in the Spirit we can pray with the spirit, in languages unknown to us but not to God. (1 Corinthians 14:2, 14). Prayer is not simply saying words. It is not repeating formulas. God is looking for heartfelt relationship. We are told by Jesus not to make meaningless repetitions of words when we pray. (Mathew 6:7). Some think that god is a deaf god so they keep on repeating which they think they are pleasing him but our father in heaven knows what all we need before we ask.

If you read Acts 12 there you can see one king who stretched out his hands towards the members of the church…you need to know something today the enemy will not attack anyone who is under his bondage but he is really targeting to the members of the church…which is this church ?? Who are the members of this church? Holy Spirit is not talking about any church you see around I don’t want to take any name here but it is speaking about that church whose foundation is in Jesus Christ. If you read Mathew 13 there you see Jesus is saying peter that your are blessed and said he will build his church on the Rock which is no one else but Jesus itself…and the Hades of Hell will not prevail on it. Let me tell you one thing you may think that the enemy is very close to attack you…yes he will come close to attack you but he will not prevail…he will not be succeed ..he will not stand…(Let Lord arise its enemies be scattered).If you have the time read acts of apostles you will find the enemy was against the church and the members of this church from the beginning but he was failed on every attempt he did . Now let me explain who are the members of this church …The people who believe Jesus Christ has the Living son of God, and the followers of true Living God who walk with him and do the will of god is the church… Where this is church laid upon? It is constructed and cemented upon the Rock that is Jesus Christ (the stone which was rejected by the builder is now the chief cornerstone) the Church is laid upon the strong foundation (Jesus Christ).

It is true that Herod’s hand was against the church but the church knows about one hand which is mightier than Herod’s…But to move that hand Church earnestly prayed for Peter who was in the Jail.
Can you feel a mightier hand which is stronger than that hand which is now against you? Which is talking against you and your family? Which is causing a serious hindrance for your future, family life, job??
So how do you fight this kind of battles??? Do you go for a case?? Do you start planning to hit those things with your own abilities, with your money… is there anyone out there is using all there influence to get out of the situation??? You’re wasting your time …I would like to introduce you about one weapon which anyone can use anytime… Its Prayer…this church did not say anything against Herod because they are weak in front of the King and his army but when they started constant prayer at the middle of the chapter you can see the answer was on the door. I will explain you this read carefully
God sent his angel to the place where people could not reach…yes prayer is that weapon where god will send his angel to those places where you cannot reach…the doors of the jail opened automatically, the iron bars opened when peter was walking …yes prayer is that weapon which can open that iron bars and locked doors where you cannot open…chains was loosed …yes prayer is that weapon which can loose those strong chain which has tied you for many years, your family life and your mind.

It is not the quality of prayer that moves the hand of god but our trust in god that he is able to do moves him…let me explain with you one example If I want something from my dad I will just say to him that he is very good dad…I love him and will make him to know that only he can help me to grasp that ….He will start changing his tone , I can see his face changing with glad and he stretch his hand towards me to help me out..If a worldly father can move his hand & change his face for a child when he says that is good and
trust him only. How about our heavenly father? Will he not move his hand for his children when they cry out? He will do it more than what my dad did for me

Three types of prayer you can see 1) Personal Prayer 2) Family Prayer and 3) Church Prayer. Out of this three personal prayer is the strongest one because if a person his praying he will have a praying attitude in his family and this makes a church strong by having prayerful families it goes on strong if the church is full of people with praying attitude it will change the nation. Yes prayer can change nations and rules of the nations

We are so privileged that some people around us can pray for only 5 times a day, some only on morning…but for us you can pray anytime no matter where you are. Some god only understands their local language but our god is an awesome god…his ears is even inclined to prayer which is from the heart no need of sound …yes you can also do a Sound Proof Prayer ( Like Hannah)

Don’t tell your need and your problem to any man, do not kneel in front of anyone or anything but kneel and submit yourself to the almighty god Jesus Christ who knows you from the mother’s womb…even before your mother realized that you are born in her womb…God’s eyes was on you.

Have a personal relation with Jesus Christ today…give him your heart, surrender and confess yourself

I urge all brothers and sisters of mine to have a personal prayer life …

You’re blessed