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Colossians 4:2 Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving.

If someone asks how many of you pray, all may raise their hands. But what if he asks about the consistency in prayer ? Prayer is not something which you need to do once in a while. It is not a custom but more than that, it is the commandment of Jesus. Luke 18:1,’ Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.’ We come across three kinds of people and three outcomes of prayer.

1) People who pray 2) People who are consistent in prayer, and 3) People who never pray. And the outcomes are 1) Sudden answer 2) Gradual answer and 3) No answer.
Bible teaches us these three kinds of people and three outcomes. But I want to share a radical truth here that prayer has no death, Wow! I mean to say power of prayer never dies. The person who has prayed might be in the grave but the power of his prayer lives…Halleluiah. You may grow old but your prayers are still there, live and powerful. My grandmother is 78 yrs old . She is so weak that she even sometimes cannot utter a word but her prayers are holding her children and grandchildren. I know that even you have silmilar testimonies.

Paul, the apostle says to continue in prayer and watch in the same. In other words, he wants to tell us that we should sustain in prayer by fixing our eyes on the same by thanksgiving. Don’t just assume things, but believe by giving thanks that God is able to do. We sustain in our prayers, but do we watch in the same and give thanks to God? I was praying for someone and continued to do the same, but after sometime, seeing no result I gave up! This is wrong and God taught me something new. When you pray, fix your vision on prayer and not on the person whom you pray. After all it is not us who change the circumstances. You just pour water into the empty jars in the presence of God just like those servants did in the wedding of cana. And the changes are done by God. Do not worry if you don’t see the changes immediately but when you reach up to the brim, I am sure you will draw out changes! Amen. God wants us to reach the brim of prayer level so that we can draw out the answers of prayer into our homes. God is telling me right now that there is some one who is facing accusation and shortage in the house like that in Cana but you better pour water into the empty vessels i.e pray with tears. God is going to fill your shortage. You think that it will be a shame to your family, but God is going to change your mourning into dancing.

Genesis 30:22, ‘Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and opened her womb.’ God heard the prayers of Rachel and she bore two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. I believe that Joseph was a successful man because of the prayers of her mother. Even though she was buried, the power of her prayer was living. Joseph was a man of dreams. He endured every test that came across and was lifted up to the second place after the king of Egypt. Now we don’t hear much about the other son, Benjamin but there’s one thing I came to know when I read I Samuel 9:21 – Saul, the first king of Israel was from the tribe of Benjamin. Even though this tribe was least among Israel, God chose the King from this tribe. You may be the least among your friends or family, but God remembers you. See, Rachel cried out to God long back but her prayers were still working. So here is the good news for you. Don’t give up your prayers because you will gather the blessings out of it in the coming days.

1 Samuel 1:15, ‘And Hannah answered and said, “No, my lord, I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit; I have drunken neither wine nor strong drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD.” The supplication of Hannah is very touching and it has taught me good lessons…she poured out her request to the Lord and dedicated her son for the Lord. The amazing thing in this prayer is that Hannah started her prayer by weeping and ended in smiling… Good news! You may start weeping, but God will turn it into joy sooner or later ….The next lesson we learn from Hannah is that she fixed her eyes on her prayers, not on her circumstances. She received sympathy from her husband and (mockery) refusal from her rival in the same house, but in the midst of these, she got the reply to her prayers in the same house. Good news! Don’t stop your prayers because someone refused you, because God will prepare a table before your enemies. After 1 Samuel chapter 2, we don’t see Hannah anymore, but we can see the result of her prayer that gave birth to a prophet called Samuel, who judged the people of Israel. The prayer of Hannah is only mentioned in the 1st chapter, but the outcome of her prayer can be seen in the following chapters.
Dear Mothers! Do you weep for your children? I thank my God for giving me a blessed mother who is my support in prayer. I remember my mother laying her hands on me and praying for me, when I am fast asleep. I would be aware of it only when her tears would fall on my cheeks…What I am saying can be seen in the following :-
(Quoted from the book, “Meat for men” by Leonard Ravenhill)

Max Jules, the atheist, lived a godless life. He married an ungodly girl. From that union the following were produced.

310 who were paupers
150 were criminals
7 were murderers
100 were murderers
100 were drunkards
More than half of the women were prostitutes

His 540 known descendents cost the United States government 1,250.000 dollars.

Jonathan Edwards, the revivalist, lived at the same time as the atheist Max Jules. He married a godly girl. An investigation was made of his 1394 known descendants.

13 became university presidents (vice chancellors, rectors)
65 became university teachers.
3 became United States Senators
30 became judges
100 became lawyers
60 became medical doctors
75 became army and navy officials
100 became preachers and missionaries
60 became authors of prominence
1 became Vice –President of the United States of America
80 became public officers in other capacities
295 became university graduates among whom were the following- State governors, diplomats and so on. None of the descendants cost the United States government a dime.

Dear Parent, this is very important, as you see the result of prayer. Even though Jonathan Edwards and his wife died, the power of their prayers was still living and gave birth to a spiritual Genetics. Do you love your children? If you do, become a man and woman of prayer…do something about it.Why do the prayers never die? Because the one who hears our prayers is living. We are not praying to stones, but we are praying to the ROCK who was rejected, but now is the chief corner stone- Jesus Christ. Psalms 34:15, ‘The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry. ‘ Remember, we are called to pray! So let us continue to pray and watch in the same with thanksgiving.

May God bless you