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Our Priority determines our destiny

Mathew 6: 33 seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Food, Clothing and shelter this are the basic needs of a man. Not only in this text but if you read Mathew chapter 6 completely you will see how Jesus is dealing with the basic needs of a man.

Jesus is not speaking to any community or any particular person but he want to convey it to everyone because this basic needs worries all let it be rich or poor , Small or great, foreigner or an Asian almost everyone out in this world seek and worry about their livelihood and they surrender their life completely seeking these basic needs. If you see a beggar, from sunrise to sunset he is begging. what about a business man he is after how to establish more , if you see a middle class person he cannot beg or cannot establish more like a rich man so he do extra duties or a side job by giving completely there mind ,energy unto work. We are so much into things that it is impossible for us to stop worrying. No matter how many seminars and sermons you attend to overcome worries, it does matter how many books you read, still we just can’t stop worrying.

Now Worries and problems differ from each and every person. Some may have to worry about little but for some it’s a nightmare but still we call them worries no matter how big or small it may be. I know many people who do lot of therapies, yoga and different kinds of stuffs to win over tensions & worries. Some go for picnics, some take a long leave and some take long breath of relaxation… But let me ask you one thing how long you can resist this and stop worrying?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health but still people smoke…why? What is the reason? They do this to forget what they are undergoing and what they have already gone. I find very funny and interesting that if you can overcome your tension by smoking one cigarette then why can’t you stop with one?? That mean still you are in tension and worries that’s why you take another…and not only that how long you can forget may be 1 or 2 minutes after you finish up with the with your cigar what after that you will take another one….am I right and this will lead to a chain smoker. Open your eyes cigarette is not made to give you pleasure and tension free world… but by that name the devil is finishing you and your life. I ask you to find for me one man or a family who is having a peaceful life by drinking & smoking or by doing all these I have mentioned above.
Does that book which you are reading now is helping you to find a peaceful mind or it is just satisfying you for a while? Devil is a liar he want you to put trust and put your mind on those things where he can attack you easily. If you have build your foundation on blessings, miracles or laid your all hope on your job, health, food, clothing and shelter you can be attacked easily and you are just giving invitation to the devil.

Dear fellows, where have you laid your foundation? It is very important and just for a minute you need to think of that… Have you laid foundation on blessings? On a miracle? But let me clear you, if you lay your foundation on any other things other than on Jesus Christ it will be eroded and you are just wasting your precious time. Remember about two builders, one build on Rock and another on soil …Now you tell me which stood still even on rains and flood? If you lay your foundation on rock that is on Jesus you will stand still on your difficult situation.

Many fall because they lay there foundation on miracles which god have done in there life. See Jesus did not come to do a miracle in this world but he did miracle to believe.Miracles are just a entry pass to get into the real show. Many have this pass but not entered into the real show. I will clear in simple words. Many know what miracles Jesus have done in there life but they really fail to understand who Jesus is…Hmm… Don’t go behind the blessing but go behind the blesser.If you’re healed …that’s good but don’t lay you foundation on that…You have got only the entry pass…REALITY IS STILL HIDDEN FOR YOU…COME IN…come to the holiest place,come to Jesus, taste and see how good he is.

If you read verses 25 of the same chapter Jesus says do not worry… Now you may think then how we can stay without worrying…Let me tell you from today onwards you can stay without worrying.
Again if you read then you will find Jesus is asking “Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? So Life and Body is more important than food and clothes.
If you check how much is the cost of one oxygen cylinder which is needed for one day… Now take a pencil and a paper note down the cost and your age. How much you need to pay? Can you pay that bill?
But God has given this freely to us…Did ever god asked you the bill?? Check how much is for Dialysis and do like what you did before .Can you pay the bill? Check everything that god added in your life. It is gifted because we cannot buy it. So here is the answer. If God has gifted and gave all those things which you can’t buy with money then will he not give you the things which are needed of this life?? Is our father in heaven so weak that he gave life but fails to feed for the existence of this life? I am not saying to live a life of superman…We are human beings and we tend to fall in depression and worries? And our god knows it very well that’s why he says do not worry. But this worries and tensions of the life must not lower your faith on god… you know what you’re trying to convey to god when your worrying about your basic needs and about your life. You saying that god is not worthy, he is not faithful…

Now you ask me you never said that…Yes you are right but you do that when you worry about the things which god has the answer and a better way to get you out.
So what to do now…Let us come to our key word …Seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Underline the word
Seek ye first….Priority of our life determines our destiny .God wants such people who sought him and he will bless those people who sought after him .If you are giving First priority to god ,then all those things which you seek day and night will be added unto you.
Psalms 23: 6 says surely goodness and mercy will follow all the days of my life…when it will follow when you start worrying?? No (verses 1) When you make the lord your shepherd then it will follow you.
If you also say like David then you must not walk according to your will but you must walk according to will of chief shepherd.
Let me ask you does any sheep’s can see the road ahead..?? No…..
It is the Shepherd who is guiding the herd. You may not find way ahead but god has a clear picture of your life… Did anything solved in your life by worrying??? Then why you worry??
In the same chapter if you read it says: Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[b]?
We cannot add anything good to our life by worrying….but sure we can add something which is not good for a life…what are they? Depression, Suicides, Health problems. And Satan is very cunning he knows very well who you are …You better resist the devil and stop worrying about your future and worries about how you will survive… Don’t give priority to the things which are worrying. For e.g. If you are worrying about your financial you make the job easy for
Satan (a liar) he will hit that financial and make you drown in spiritual life. But what if you give priority to God and his kingdom …?? I think now you can answer

Let me ask you because I have come across many who are spiritual but they failed in the matter of priority. Are you one of the people who give priority to your extra duty than to prayer meeting and bible reading? One of the church member was asked why he could not make it to the prayer meeting he said his clothes were not ironed. So what is important for him? Do you also make such dead reasons like you have guests, head is paining, have a birthday party, I am tired, I have no mood…hmm hmmm let each one of them write there reasons. So determine today whom you’re giving priority in life.
David in Psalms says “I have set the lord in front of me…what is this mean? Though he is a king and have authority over things he will never start or do anything without knowing the will of god…
Most of us fall into problems and then pray to know the will god. This is totally wrong idea. Seek the lord while he may be found call to him while is near. Have you ever tried to know the heart of god? Most of the time our belief on God is like a spare tire in the cars …when do you remember about the spare tire…? When the present tires are busted  we remember god when we are in real problems .Woe to that person who give priority to any other things other than god.

Let us give priority for the ministry of god, word of god and prayer
Live a Holy life

May God bless you through this word!