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Luke 2:8, ‘Now there were in the same country, shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night.

Now there were many people in the same country who were worthy according to the worldly standards to receive the good news from heaven, but God chose the shepherds of the same country. Just think about yourself. Even though there were many people in your country,  God choose you out of them to receive the good news. How privileged you are ! We see a few people who were communicated at different levels. God sent an angel to Mary and gave the message of salvation through her seed. For the wise men, it was the star that led them to Messiah, while for the poor shepherds, the glory of God shone around them and gave them the message about the savior. And  for people like Simeon and Anna, the Messiah himself appeared to them. Even though the message about the savior was given to all but only the shepherds spread the news widely than any of them. Now while going through the passage of Luke, the Spirit of God stopped me at the passage where we see the Angelic announcement about Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. It caused me to meditate on that particular portion, as to why God chose these shepherds who had no connection with the outer world,  and who were not so wise according to worldly standards. There are three reasons which I received from the Lord:


1)      They were living out in the fields – Though they had homes, they abode in the fields. Field is the place where they fed their sheep. In other words, it’s their work area. God has given each one of us a ‘field’, where  we  work and spend most of our time.  Each and everyone has a different field. So, we must be  careful enough to understand about where God has placed us. God sent His Son to the field to live, to die and to resurrect. He was a grain of wheat that fell into the field and died thereby producing much grains.


God placed Adam in a field and gave him a covenant, but he was disobedient and many were made sinners. But Father God sent His Son to the field , so that through His obedience, many would be made righteous. Likewise, God has appointed us in a field for a purpose. God’s calling on you is not only for you but for many souls. We must labor and bring forth the fruit worthy of His name. Some yield more fruits, some less while some yield no fruits. Some are faithful while some are unfaithful in their fields. There is an appointed time when we will stand before the Master to give account of each and every word we speak and work we do.


2)      They watched over their flock by night – Firstly, they knew when they had to watch their flock more. They watched over the flock during night, because of more danger during the night time. Secondly, they watched over their own flock, and not over their neighbor’s flock. During night, wolves come and take away the sheep. The shepherds are well aware of this. This made them watch over their flock. These shepherds were faithful in their fields. They were watchful and faithful to what they had been given. Devil hates what you have in your life. That’s why he always attempts to take it away from you. So be watchful of everything that God has given you. We know about a  woman who had lost her coin, as she was not watchful. To find that coin, she lit the lamp and swept the house. May the light of God sweep away all that is not needed in our life,  so that we can pick up that which is lost.

Secondly, these shepherds did not watch over other flocks, because they were not for him. Sometimes, we give more importance to things which are not assigned to us. God has placed us in a field to watch over the things which has been appointed for us and not for others. Some people are eager to peep into others fields to see what God has given us. God has given me some responsibility that only I can handle.


3)      They were available – Though it was a night time, these shepherds were available. Angels came at night with the good tidings. Some good news come when you are watching over, while all the rest might be sleeping. God will strengthen you and give you authority when you are available for Him. When God needs us, we must be available, even if it is the darkest night of our life. See this incidence in sequence. They were in the fields. They watched over what  had been assigned to them. That’s why they were available.


Since there were many babies being born in Bethlehem, God gave  a sign to recognize the Savior i.e a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. After receiving the good news about the savior, Lord Jesus Christ, they did not stay in the same place, but set them out to see the Savior with their own eyes…they went with haste and saw the Child. Now usually after we see a new born baby, we talk about the physical features of the baby. But these shepherds did not talk about the features of the baby.

They were more interested in spreading the news widely about the things that would happen through this Child. Our Jesus is not a baby, but He is God who took the form of a Man…That’s why we don’t speak about Baby Jesus. Rather, we speak about Savior Jesus Christ!!! They carried the Good news to everyone they came across, and those who heard, marveled. Let us be also like them. We are just carriers of Good news, like these shepherds. We have tasted the Lord and found how good He is. Let us give room to others, so that they also should taste the Lord and be the PRIVILEGED CARRIERS OF GOOD NEWS!

These are the three things the Spirit taught me as to why these shepherds, who were not wise, were chosen to carry the good news. Are we spending our times on the field where God wants us? Are we watching over to things that are given to us? Are we available to Him to carry the Good news to the world?  These questions must arise within you after reading this note…