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Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Heart Greetings to all beloved readers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We all are familiar with this text. Many of us know this by heart but unfortunately we fail to understand what exactly it means. We say it but we do not practice it. Many people think that faith is acting to have something when it is really not there, and if we do that long enough, then we will have that. But that’s not faith at all. Faith is real. Faith is a substance i.e. faith is real. It is the evidence of things not seen. Notice it doesn’t say “things that don’t exist.” They do exist. They just aren’t seen. We do not see air but we can feel it. We cannot see Television Signals around us till we switch on the TV. Can anyone claim that there are no T.V signals around because they cannot be seen? Signals do exist but we must switch on our TV to see the images. It’s never God’s transmitter that is broken. It’s always our receiver that is the problem. God is transmitting his grace, love and his blessings unto us but we cannot receive them because we want to see the proof. Remember, there is a truth which is seen and heard beyond your natural eyes and ears . We all receive the word of god but at the same time, we also want the proof that god will perform it. God commanded Noah to build an ark because he was going to destroy the earth with rain…Noah who had never seen rain in his life time,never asked God for a proof. Hebrews 11 says that ‘by faith Noah build an ark.’ He started by faith. I believe that Noah saw the rain in spirit before seeing it through his physical eyes. I will share one incident which happened recently. One day, I was driving back home & when I was near to my house, I prayed “God I need a parking in front of my house, because it is really an uphill task to get a parking space in our locality. “ And without wavering in faith I claimed “I have received the parking”. See, I received this parking space in my spirit but physically I was still driving. When I reach my house, I found a space just opposite to my house which is impossible at that time. I have shared this to make today’s subject crystal clear.

God speaks to us through three mediums : 1) Word of god 2) through his anointed servants and 3) Visions. I believe most us are satisfied and feel great when they see a clear dream or visions like angel descending and ascending from heaven or when some pastors lay their hands on them. But I have noticed that some are not satisfied when they hear the word of god. The only reason is because they cannot see anything coming in their way. Some are like Apostle Thomas who do not believe till they feel by touching. But let me make it clear to you that there is more power in hearing the word than seeing a dream or laying on of hands.You can’t see the mobile signals but you can hear the voice and express your feelings clearly. Many of the miracles which Jesus did was by touching while some did not even need touching. A centurion came to Jesus and requested him to speak the word so that his servant would be healed. He believed in the power of the word. He did not want Jesus to come and lay his hands on the servant. He knew that the power of the spoken word would flow the moment it’s spoken. This cannot be seen through physical eyes.

Paul in his epistle to church of Corinthians says “And I, Brethren could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ”. Now in this text he mentions about three characters :
1) Spiritual 2) Carnal and 3) Babes in Christ. These three stages are very important to understand…who is spiritual? In simpler words, those who walk and see things spiritually are called spiritual. Who is carnal ? Those who walk and see things through flesh are called Carnal …and babes in Christ are the beginners or the ones who do not understand the depth of spiritual movement. You must understand that Paul is not speaking to mere men but he is addressing the ‘Brethren.’ Let me explain about the carnal and spiritual bretheren. A carnal person believes in what he receives through the 5 sense organs, i.e he will believe only what he sees. But a spiritually filled person, without neglecting the physical truth, will allow the spiritual truth to prevail. I will make this very clear through Bible itself.

When you read II Kings 6:14-17, we can see that the king of Syria sent his army of horses and chariots, and surrounded the city to take prophet Elisha. Now when the servant of prophet arose early and went out , he saw a great army. He was in great fear and said to his master “ Alas, my master! What shall we do”? Do you also say this when you arise early in the morning and see unexpected situation around you ? The servant never expected an army, which was against his expectations. Hence, he was in fear and did not know what would happen next….Do u feel like this anytime? Don’t worry ! Not only you, but almost every Christian fear and get shocked when they see situations against their expectations. Now let’s see what Elisha did here. He did not tell his servant to run. He said, ”do not fear.” Do you run away from your situations?
Elisha did not neglect the huge army which he saw with his physical eyes, but he allowed his spiritual sight of army and chariots made by fire from heaven to prevail. He closed his physical eye and opened his spiritual eye. A physical eye will say that ‘it is finished’ but the spiritual eyes will say, ‘ no it is not finished yet.’…You may think that it is all over, but pray to god to open your spiritual eyes to see the evidence of things not seen. You cannot work out your faith physically.
Bible says “My just shall walk by faith not by sight” i.e. seeing things beyond our naked eyes. Elisha prayed unto god to open the eyes of the servant. Was his eyes closed ???? Yes, his spiritual eyes were closed but physical eyes were opened. That is why he was in fear. Why we get into fear when we see the situation against us because we do not see by our spiritual eyes. When Gehazi’s eyes were opened, the Syrians didn’t disappear. They were still there. The physical truth was still true, but there was a greater spiritual truth that emerged. True faith doesn’t deny physical truth; it just refuses to let physical truth dominate spiritual truth. True faith subdues physical truth to the reality of spiritual truth.

Elisha was not just speaking some wishful statement, hoping that it would become a reality. He knew what was real in the spiritual world, and he controlled his emotions and actions accordingly. There is no indication that Elisha saw the horses and chariots of fire around him. He didn’t need to. He believed it. Those who operate in true faith don’t need to see with their physical eyes. Their faith is evidence enough. I remember in the early days of ministry with my dad one sister she was an AIDS patient came in our prayer meeting..

God spoke through my dad that she is healed so he laid his hands on her rebuked the infirmity. After the prayer dad told her to check herself with the doctor and that lady replied a strange answer which stunned everyone because she was an Hindu lady, she said “ If god has healed me then why should I check?” This incident was at 1994 but she is very healthy till now and god has healed her completely. Now what surprised us was her reply she received her healing before seeing the reports. AMEN …..Doctor’s report may be negative can you believe in the word, he has healed you. Someone who is going to read this Rhema is having a negative report in her hand from the doctor but god has healed you ….You have received the healing !!

Hannah was crying before god for a son, she bitterly cried unto god with fasting and prayer.
When you read 1 Samuel 1:17 and 18 it says “Then Eli answered and said, Go in peace, and the god of Israel grant your petition which you have asked for him,” And she said. “ Let your maidservant find favor in your sight” So the woman went her way and ate and her face was no longer sad” . She came with a sad face but went with a glad face. Why? Because she received the answer in spirit even though the child is not yet conceived in her womb, but spiritually she has received the child…and later on we know in the process of time Hannah conceived and bore a son. Let us not deny the physical truth but overcome the physical truth by the spiritual realities

We all know Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho, senior pastor of world largest church. He started the church with none, he initially use to speak to those sugar-cane fields thinking that he speaking to a large crowds, one might think he is gone out his mind…but actually he received those crowd before seeing them by naked eyes. I don’t have the latest update of the members of his church but 830,000 members (as of 2007).There is many more testimonies I would like to share about Receiving in spirit before seeing with eyes.

Science require proof, we do not need it anymore.

May god bless you and enable you to walk daily by Faith and not by sight.