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1 John 2:6 He who says he abides in him ought himself also to walk just as he walked.

Greetings to all Bro and sisters in the name of Lord Jesus Christ

…Walking against the flow with the living God!!
This is the subject which Holy Spirit inspired me to write to you. I kiss the Lord for using me as a vessel to understand the jewels of the word. Let me share my testimony first … All these that I write are not pre-planned…. First, the word starts burning in my heart and I feel the heat on my fingers, which leads me to write. I just can’t hold this I want to transform and I cry unto the Lord after I finish with the writings… Truly, our God is an awesome God!!

Let me go straight into the word.
Holy Spirit is not talking about the practical walking here, but yes, The spirit wants to teach us about the relationship with God. For that, the Holy spirit relates to the ‘walking’ so that we can understand. The knowledge of God is so vast and deep that it is impossible for us to understand. So He often related the truths of the Kingdom of God with the parables of salt, seed and sheep. This enables us to understand it better… Thank you Lord for your mercy…
So walking here means having a relation with Jesus Christ… The Living God

Psalms 1 starts with some DO’S AND DON’TS
Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of wicked…nor stand, nor sit… Now you may ask, then how we can live in this world? Because we come across such kinds of people in our daily life… we walk with them, we sit and we stand….with them.
It’s not like that. God wants us to tell us that even though we are walking, sitting and standing with the sinners, mockers and the wicked, we must not have a relation or we must not adapt to their ways. Let me put it in a better way. We can sit with the mockers but we must not adjust to their principles…we should not mock.
We are not called to walk with the flow of water…In fact we are called to walk against the flow of water. What is walking with the flow of water mean? It means, walking with the pleasures and the desires of this world, and those who walk with the flow have no problems. If you see them, they are fine and well (Pls read Psalms 73)… But we are called to walk against the flow. It’s not an easy task, but our God is with us and His grace is sufficient for us. So walk against the flow with God.

Now we know that Christian life is not walking with the flow. It’s walking against the flow… Who is a Christian? Is he the one who waits for DEC 25 or for Good Friday?? Is he the one who wears a gold cross chain?? No, these are not the signs of a Christian…
A follower of Christ is called a Christian. Christ has laid a way before us. And the one who follows His footsteps, and has a true relationship with Him is a true Christian… Let me ask you, whom are you following?? Can the thing which you are following save you?? Does it have the power to heal you?? Does it have the authority to give you eternal life…? Remember, what you follow will be your God and what you pursue must save you…Who is God and who is the only one who can save you??
ACTS 4:12 “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved…Jesus Christ, the only savior.” I love this word…

God will allow you to follow the things which you think is important and later on He will also let you know that what you were seeking was not important in your life…
Isaiah 55 says, “Seek the Lord while He may be found, and call Him when He is near…Seek the lord, follow him and walk with him.

Three things… Seek, Follow and Walk… Seeking is the initial stage, the one who seeks shall find…and the one who finds must follow and the one who follow must walk with him…
Which of these three men have the best relation with God?? You are right… The one who walks with the Lord knows the Lord better than anyone else.
Walk with him…if you have not yet started, it’s the time to do that.
Many among us like to walk with the flow of this world… they are behind new trends, fashions,
They give more importance for there dresses, they are worried about tomorrows.
Our problem is that we adjust and fit the word of God according to our desires and likes. It is not the word should fit with your ideas but you must fit into it. We almost drag Jesus to our way and ask him to fulfill our plans…Am I right? Kindly read ISAIAH 55:8 and 9.

A believer must not say “When you are in Rome, do like the Romans do”. Daniel was a Hebrew from Israel, but brought as a captive to Babylon. He made a vow to God that he will not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies. Did he walk like the Babylonians walked? No, he did not adjust to the rule of Babylon. In fact, the king came to know about the living God. Do you lift Jesus in your office, among your friends or are you walking with the flow??? Please read Daniel Ch 1:8 onwards
Not all but most of us like to walk with the flow but few are there who walk against the flow. Their life is not easy as compared to those who walk with the flow.

If anyone who is reading this is being persecuted or mocked by his or her friends, relatives or family members, just for the reason that you don’t follow them and their ungodly principles, remember, it is easy to walk with the flow. But you are walking against the flow which is not an easy. That’s why they hate you and mock you. The world did not accept Jesus but hated him. So the one who is walking with Jesus will also have the same experience which He had….. Do not lose heart because God is with you. Psalms 23 says, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will not fear evil because you are with me.”
When we come to the Old Testament, we also see Enoch who walked with God. He must have had his own problems, family etc. but all this did not distract his walk with God. Let me go little deeper. God took away Enoch before the flood during Noah’s time…he didn’t see the flood… God in His second coming, He will not look that you have membership of the local church but he will see that if you are a member of god’s kingdom …He will take away those who have a TRUE relationship with Him… His precious people. That’s why Jesus says about the hour he will come, that, “He will come like a thief”. A thief comes in an unexpected time. Moreover, a thief doesn’t look for garbage…he wants something precious

Let me conclude
Where does this flow take us?? As it is written in Revelation 22:1, it will take us to the point where it has started… God wants us to walk with Him because He wants to take each and every one of us to be there where He is…Hence, stop following this world and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and learn from Him…. It’s time to get into serious business, because Jesus is coming soon… If you have not yet started a relationship with Jesus, its time to start it. Make sure He is there with you in whatever you do. Live a Holy life, Walk according to the Word and the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you