What is igniting and lightening?

What is the meaning of Igniting and Lightening?

There are many channels through which God reveals himself to each one of us according to the way we understand. It was the star for the wise men, it was the angels for the poor illiterate shepherds and it was Christ himself to the man in Jerusalem who was called Simeon. For instance, God may have called you to himself through some situations or may be through dreams or may be through some illness. Paul was stricken by the light, Peter found Jesus through one situation. All these are the channels where God makes it plain about himself. He has made it plain in the nature too. Now when God takes us through various channels the first thing He does is He will OPEN SCRIPTURES to us, after opening scriptures He takes us to His Son Jesus Christ and whoever has seen the Son, has seen the Father- The everlasting and immortal God! Amen

We all know the incident about the two disciples in the way of Emmaus (Luke 24:13 onwards). Jesus Christ walked with them but God kept them from recognizing him. They were sad and hopeless. Now to open their eyes Jesus opened scriptures to them. Verse 27 Jesus took them through the writings of Moses and all the prophets, explaining from all the scriptures the things concerning himself.  Now the thing I want you to notice is that, Jesus opened the scriptures from Genesis to Malachi- the Old testament and explained the things concerning himself. Now that teaches us that whatever we see in the BIBLE is about the Son Jesus. Every prophesies, every word, every promises is pointing towards one Man and He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God. Jesus IGNITED their heart which was dark. let us see what these disciples has to say in verse 32 ” Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?”.  Jesus IGNITED their heart by the Scriptures. what is the result of this IGNITING? their paths were LIGHTENED. They came to understanding about God and His Son Jesus. Though they started the journey with fear and hopelessness but at the end their understanding were lightened because Jesus Ignited their heart by the Scriptures.

Now this is the very aim of this blog…not to raise funds, not to impress anybody, not to get more hits and not even to become famous. My heart was IGNITED five years back when God opened Scriptures to me and from then onwards God has lightened the path of my life to reveals Himself to me. I have never been to any Bible institute and it is not a wrong thing to study the word through any bible college. If you have time and God allows you then you should go for it. My sincere prayer is that whoever read this blog should glorify God and believe His Son Jesus Christ. I encourage you to take some to read the post. May God bless you dear friend. Thanks for your patience.

Covered by Grace

Blessen Daniel

4 responses to “What is igniting and lightening?

  • Yaritza C.

    Greetings & blessings! I stumbled upon this page and just finished reading a blog about “The Cave” and your introductory page for the very 1st. I was very blessed and I am anxious to continue reading of the treasures & revelation of Gods Word through these pages. Thank you for sharing them and for being sensitive to His Holy Spirit. Please continue this great work for His kingdom.
    In His love, Yaritza

  • joslin.j

    Bother…comitted to read everymorning…and truely blessing …ignited..lighten up my soul….Thanks be to God…

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