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Psalms 115:12 The Lord remembers us and will bless us

In the human brain, memory consists of two parts. One is the ‘Long-term Memory’ and the other is the ‘Short-term Memory’. It is similar to what we have in computers, ‘RAM (Random Access Memory) & ROM (Read Only Memory)’. If we interact with certain persons for a long time, their talking style, body structure, facial expressions etc., get embedded into our permanent memory. That is why we recognise them by their voice even when we do not see them .We come across thousands of people in our daily life, but we do not remember everyone. That is because this information is stored in our short term memory. But it is also not possible to remember all things which get stored into long term memory, because we are not computers. We have forgotten our school friends, poetries of school days, our home town etc.
We know very little about our past. We know some things about the present but nothing from the future. Can anyone out there guarantee someone about tomorrow? I found it so interesting when one of my church brother got his teeth fixed and said that his fixed teeth had a guarantee of 7 years. I asked him about his own guarantee. He was speechless! Did anyone notice that when they buy a home appliance or any other product, they get a guarantee card? A fridge for example, has a 2-years compressor guarantee, but the person who signs on it has no guarantee…
We are like vapours which disappear and grass which withers away. No matter how powerful the human brain is, it is still weak in memory and tends to forget many things. But remember that God is not a man, He does not forget!
That is why the Holy Spirit inspired me to write, “GOD REMEMBERS US.”
I want to encourage those people who think there is no one who cares for them. You may say that your close friend or relative is not remembering you, but let this word penetrate your heart and take away the thought which is not from God, but from the devil. Anything which is leading you to depression or disappointment, to the feeling of being hurt or generating hatred in your heart, is not from the Spirit of God. It is the work of darkness which strongly desires to control your mind, body and soul. But I thank God for His word which is powerful, alive and victorious.
It is written Five sparrows are sold for 4 dinars. The one who sells may even give one sparrow free. Even the sparrow that is given free is remembered by God. If God remembers that tiny sparrow, then how much more will He be mindful of us? The Bible tells us that even our hairs are numbered …it means that even the smallest thing in your life is in God’s mind. Dear brother and sister, you are a ‘Very’ Important Person (VIP) for Him. Can you give praise to Jesus? (Praise the Lord!) Amen.

God commanded Noah to construct an ark, for it would rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Until that time, no rain had fallen on the earth, because the ground was watered by the dew. Noah had never seen rain. Yet, he never asked for a proof. But he kept his faith on the word of God. “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for…”. People might have mocked him while he was preparing the ark but that did not stop his work. Because he knew he was having a deal with God, not with people. People may mock at you when you step forward to do something with faith. They may stop you when you utter ‘faith’ words. But you better ignore those discouraging words, because the deal is between you and God. The people who mock at you do not know the experience you went through. People will throw arrows of discouragement when you start putting your faith on God, saying different things. But you have to cling on to the things that God told you to do. Do not let the words of men draw you afar from the love of God. It is God who promised you, not a man. It was not a man who gave Noah a plan to build an ark but it was God himself ….
And He who began a good work in you will be faithful to fulfil it. This reminds me about a hymn

He who began a good work in you … (2)
Will be faithful to complete it
He’ll be faithful to complete it
He who started the work
Will be faithful to complete it in you

(dont miss this song)

Now Noah had both God’s word and God’s plan in his hand. If you are willing to do what God tells you to do, you will have an assurance in your hand, which the devil cannot snatch from your hand. Satan does not want you to start those things which God commanded you to do, but if we start doing it, then it is impossible for that liar to stop you. Mary Magdalene went to the tomb worried about who would roll the stone for her. She did not stop thinking about that but continued walking and you know the result, the stone was found rolled away. Satan wants to stop you in the midway by putting hurdles of doubts and discouragements but when you decide to move on, he cannot stop you.
At God’s appointed time, the rain started falling on the face of the earth. But Noah, who obeyed the word of God, was in the ark. Where were the people who mocked him??? Where were those who said the work of ark will not finish??? Where were those people who said “Noah was crazy”??? They are all under the wrath of God, destroyed by water. But Noah and his family were safe in the ark of grace…protected and secure.

Dear people of God, there may be times when we let go of our faith upon hearing to the discouragements of men; we also put ourselves in the position of those who were destroyed by the water. But if we continue to be firm in our faith ….the same water, which destroyed those who did not heed to the word of God, will not destroy us, because we are safe in the ark of God. Not a single drop will touch you and your family, when you are in the ark.
You need to know something today, about why we are still alive and well despite of those problems which came over us? It is neither our ability nor our good deeds, but only because God remembers us. Hence we can say we are in His ark. Hallelujah to the Lord God Almighty!

Now Noah was glad that he was saved from the great flood. But something was worrying him even though he was in the ark. I do not know whom God is speaking to…but please take heed! “You are in the ark but you are worried of something. You know that you are saved but something is still worrying you”. Let go of your fears. God has control over everything.
Let us go through the text to see what was the thing that was worrying Noah.
Now it was told to him by God initially that the rain would last for 40 days and 40 nights. So he might have gathered food and all other essential provisions for at least 50 days or say 60 days for the survival. But then the situation became totally different. Even after 150 days from the start of flood, the ark was still floating over the water. That made Noah worried about many things. Just like Noah, many amongst us who have the experience of the miracles of God, have the assurance of God and obey the word of God, worry about certain things. They are inside the protective covering of God but still dread the uncertainness of tomorrow. The fear of death is covering them and the fear of darkness is hovering over them. Most surprisingly, some people start doubting whether they had taken a right step in following Jesus. Some even think that they were fine enough when they were in the worldly things.
Noah was pleased for the first 40 days, singing and praising God but I think that when he came to know that the water is still covering the earth even after 40 days, he started losing his faith. Noah may have thought that God promised him 40 days but as the time passed by it was almost 150 days, and the ark was in the same position. Just relate this incident with us…like Noah we also are inside the ark of God but start doubting the promise of God. “We think that ‘God has forgotten us.’ ‘He does not remember us. He is not seeing my problem and perhaps he does not know what problem I am in’.”
Does it not seem as if Noah forgot that this ark saved him from the waters? We forget the ways Where and How God led you…now we are crying because we start doubting the promise of God.
In Genesis Ch 8:1 to 4, we see that God remembered Noah and all those who were in the ark and the ark was on the top of Mount Ararat …Where was the ark before? It was in the middle of flood waters but now it is on the top of a mountain. The ark which was tossed by the wind is now stable.

If god remembers you , your situation will change

Put your trust on the Lord. God is not a man who can forget. If He has chosen you and puts you in His ark, you are safe – no matter what the problem and hardships might be…
Do not waver your faith but put your trust in the Lord. Remember that the one who called you is worthy enough to accomplish His good works in you and me.
God never forgets! God always remembers us and will bless us.

Stay Blessed